Anupama 7th May 2023 Today’s Episode And Written Update: Samar And Dimpy’s Wedding

Anupama 7th May 2023 Today's Episode

Today’s episode of Anupama is a roller coaster of emotions. There is joy in the air as Samar and Dimpy marry. Dimpy’s mother breaks down. There are no resentments. It’s a party all over. Anupama invites Gurumaa to join in. Continue reading to learn more about what happens in this episode of Anupama.

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Dimple’s Mother Appreciates Anupama

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Dimple’s mother informs Anupama that a mother is one who bolsters her daughter and battles against the entire world for her daughter, which Anupama does. She claims that if Anupama had not backed Dimpy, she does not know what would have happened to her; Anupama not only recognized Dimpy as her child but also battled for her and now accepts her as her DIL without any dowry, and so on. Vanraj claims they, too, have a daughter and understand what it is like to have one’s daughter wedded.


Dimple’s Mother Asks For Forgiveness

In between, Leela makes scathing remarks. Mother asks Shahs to pardon Dimpy’s faults because Dimple is a bit bland. Leela claims she is obnoxious and disrespects everyone, and she wonders whether she would simply deliver her gyaan to them or even Dimple. Mother instructs Dimpy to treat everyone respectfully and see her in-laws as family. Samar tells her not to be concerned about Dimpy. Anupama requests that her mother conduct Dimpy’s kanyadaan. Mother wishes for Samar and Dimpy’s love to be pure, as it was for Anuj and Anupama.


Samar And Dimpy’s Wedding

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The wedding rituals for Samar and Dimpy begin. Panditji requests that the bride’s mother wash the groom’s feet. Samar refuses to have his mother touch his feet. Leela inquires as to what the issue is. Samar said they will do the rite without an older touching the feet of a younger person. Dimpy’s mother finishes the rite. Panditji continues to chant mantras. Anupama reminisces about her and Anuj’s wedding. Dolly performs gathbandhan. Panditji requests that the bride’s parents conduct kanyadaan. The bride and groom have completed pheras. The groom then places a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck and applies sindoor on her hairline. Anupama is still thinking about her marriage to Anuj. Panditji says that the ceremony is over and that they are now husband and wife. Everyone applauds for them.


The Couple Receives Blessings

Anupama Today's Episode

Anupama advises them that they are one of two persons and should not forget their bond. They take Hasmukh’s blessings, who blesses them to be joyful all the time. Leela blesses them with happiness and encourages Dimpy not to argue and to listen solely to her great MIL. Bhavesh and Kanta would then bless them. Vanraj blesses them and says Samar is like his mother, which he used to be envious of but now considers to be his finest feature. Kinjal and Toshu will then bless them. Ankush blesses them and tells Anupama to be their relationship role model. They then seek Anuj’s blessings. Anuj recites a poem about the significance of sharing each other’s sentiments in a relationship.


Dimpy’s Mother Leaves

Toshu declares that it is now time to party. Dimpy’s mum says she’ll depart right now. Anupama asks her to conduct bidaayi and then depart. Vanraj wonders how she can continue without attending her daughter’s wedding celebration. Mother claims that she came here without notifying her husband and that she should return home before he does. Dimpy embraces her and wonders if she can’t get her father to forgive her. Her mother claims he is obstinate and will break down once Dimpy’s kid arrives. Samar requests that we not discuss the baby right now. Kinjal and Toshu mock him, saying he can’t stop whatever needs to happen. Mother departs. Vanraj tells Dimpy to stop sobbing, be grateful for her mother’s surprise arrival, and wipe her tears.


Gurumaa Walks In

Anupama excitedly examines the door. Kavya inquires as to what happened. Anupama says she requested Guruma to the wedding, but she doubts Gurumaa wouldn’t come. Gurumaa enters with Nakul. Anupama joyfully reports that her gurumaa has arrived. Everyone is staring at Gurumaa. Leela inquires as to whether she is a serial actor. Malti Devi, according to Dolly, is a fantastic classical dancer. Anupama invites Gurumaa in by touching her feet. Anuj observes Gurumaa walking on a nail and offers his hand to protect her feet. They are both related.

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