Aquaman 2 Movie Review: James Wan Directorial Delves Into Brotherhood, Betrayal, And Redemption

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Review

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a superhero movie from America inspired by the DC figure Aquaman. The film is produced by DC Studios, Atomic Monster, and The Safran Company, with distribution handled by Warner Bros. Pictures. Additionally, it serves as the sequel to the 2018 Aquaman installment. This movie also marks the 15th and concluding chapter in the DC Extended Universe. James Wan takes the helm as director, working with a screenplay crafted by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.


Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Movie Story

Aquaman 2 Trailer

Having been unsuccessful in his initial attempts to overcome Aquaman, Black Manta seizes control of the formidable Black Trident, which harbors an ancient power. He intends to unleash this malevolent force upon the world. Meanwhile, in a bid to halt his impending power, Aquaman embarks on an unexpected journey by seeking an alliance with his estranged brother, Orm, the erstwhile ruler of Atlantis.

Aquaman 2 Movie

Having a tumultuous history with Aquaman, Orm finds himself compelled to set aside their longstanding differences for the greater good. However, despite their fractured relationship, the two siblings unite, recognizing the imminent threat posed by Black Manta’s newfound power. Together, they also ally with the shared objective of safeguarding their kingdom and preventing consequences that could result in irreversible devastation for the entire world.


Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Movie Review

Aquaman 2 Black Manta

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aims to delve into themes of brotherhood, betrayal, and the quest for redemption. Its underwater marvels and fantastical creatures also create a visually captivating journey. The pivotal scenes drive character growth and plot advancement along familiar lines. Moreover, the returning cast—featuring Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman, among others—delivers commendable performances.

However, Patrick Wilson’s portrayal of Orm shines uniquely, transcending the usual villain mold and infusing the film with a nuanced exploration of familial ties. The screenplay endeavors to blend horror and adventure, introducing a chilling dimension to the narrative. Additionally, it is complemented by director James Wan’s signature visual flair that fuses fantasy with a spine-tingling aura. Yet, the film rushes through plot points at times, displaying occasional hastiness.

Despite this, the movie maintains a good pace that keeps audiences engaged, boasting impressive CGI and well-crafted action sequences. It also succeeds in holding attention, particularly in certain moments. Given the norm for big-budget films to excel in VFX, especially in 3D releases, Aquaman confidently sails through those waters without faltering.


Final Verdict

Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa

Although not reaching the lofty peaks set by its forerunner, Aquaman 2 endeavors to bid a gripping and pleasurable adieu to the present phase of the DCEU. Despite some storytelling missteps, the movie honors the timeless allure of Aquaman and his mesmerizing realm. Our rating for the film stands at 3 out of 5 stars.

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