The Flash Movie Review: A Decent And Satisfying Comeback By DC

The Flash Movie Review

The Flash movie is a 2023 American superhero movie based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Additionally, the producers are Double Dream, DC Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, and the Disco Factory. It intends to be the thirteenth entry in the DCE Universe. Andy Muschietti is the director, working from a screenplay by Christina Hodson. Ezra Miller also appears in it, as do Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, and others.


The Flash Movie Plot

The Flash Movie

Barry Allen travels through time in the Flashpoint narrative, which appears in The Flash movie. Also, it’s to alter the sequence of events that resulted in his mother’s murder when he was a young boy. When his time travel produces a parallel universe where the Justice League doesn’t exist, chaos results.

In addition, Bruce Wayne was dead, Martha Wayne played the role of The Joker, and Thomas Wayne took on the role of Batman. Barry tries to protect his mother from her unidentified killer in the movie. The movie explores the multiverse, just like in the comics. There are numerous surprises, though.

First off, there are two Batman in the movie: Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. Barry is currently imprisoned in a reality where a younger Barry exists. The superhero then enlists a Batman, who appears to be retired, to assist him in locating a Kryptonian who is being held captive.


The Flash Movie Review

The Flash Movie Review

A new level for the DCEU comes with the superhero extravaganza The Flash movie. The script by Christina Hodson also had a good combination of dark and light tones. Additionally, it included intense and serious parts without sacrificing the general sense of adventure and fun. The film’s steadfast heart and laughter were two things that particularly jumped out to us.

Barry’s character development as he encounters himself in a parallel reality is both clinical and natural. Barry’s character’s writing seems to be clean and precise. He is also having the motivation by a need to solve problems. Miller portrays both characters with the best double-part execution one could ever accomplish in a movie. The movie is also refreshingly candid about Barry’s inability to prevail in this intergalactic battle to save the world by himself.

However, the narrative’s incorporation of technology and scientific knowledge feels less strong. We make this statement in light of the most recent superhero motion pictures. The history of the movie is also perfect to make you laugh and is full of electrifying action. It’s commendable that The Flash takes its themes and its characters’ suffering seriously.


Final Verdict

The Flash

One might remember the DCEU’s potential from The Flash. As is evident from the efforts present here, DC is eager to relaunch its superhero universe once more. The Flash appears to be a good move in that direction as well. Therefore, DC’s interpretation of the multiverse is surreal, novel, and comic book-related. It benefits all comic book lovers, not only those who are followers of the Flash. Our rating for this film is 3.5 out of 5.

The plot of the story is present with clever story plots throughout the movie. This movie has some of the funniest humor you’ll see in a superhero movie. Tell us about your The Flash viewing experience.

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