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Arshi Khan Will Be Arrested After Getting Out Of Bigg Boss’ House


Arshi Khan is synonymous with controversies. She is now considered as an ill-famed lady in Bigg Boss 11. Moreover, Arshi never leaves the chance to generate controversies in the house. Be it her sycophantic chemistry with Hiten or a heated argument with any other housemate, Arshi always displays her mean behavior in the house. Many would think that it is the part of her game but we would like to inform that Arshi is always surrounded by controversies whether inside the Bigg Boss house or outside.


 Arshi Khan And Controversies

Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan once painted the Indian and the Pakistani flag on her semi-nude body. Due to which a case was filed against her and she still hasn’t gotten away with that. To conclude, she has to attend court for the hearing. Since the “Queen Of Controversies” had not attended the court for last 3 months. The court issued an arrest warrant against her. According to International Business Times, Police was given the order to enter the house of Bigg Boss to arrest Arshi.


 Her Publicist Made The Save

Arshi Khan

Fortunately, the publicist of Arshi Khan, Flynn Remedios made a save and got the stay order on the warrant till 15 January 2018, till then the finale of Bigg Boss would be over. Here is what he said,

An arrest warrant was issued against Arshi Khan on Monday by a Jalandhar magistrate’s court. I could not attend the court as I was down with fever and as we all know, Arshi Khan is locked inside the Bigg Boss house. Arshi Khan has been inside the Bigg Boss house since October 1st and this was the third time that the case came up for hearing in the last three months.


 Disaster Is Not Ended


Well, the disaster is postponed but not ended yet as Flynn made it clear that the warrant is not canceled and it will be executed after 15 January 2018.  Flynn added,

However, on producing proof that Arshi Khan is locked up inside the Bigg Boss house, the court was pleased to stay the execution of the warrant until January 15, 2018. In simple terms, this means that the arrest warrant still exists and is not canceled, but the police will not take action until January 15. If Arshi Khan attends the court before that, the warrant may be canceled or else the police will execute the warrant.

It is certain that Arshi Khan is in serious trouble. We hope she is aware of the bad luck that is waiting for her outside the house of Bigg Boss.

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