The Best Pokies Games Based On TV Shows

Best Pokies Games Based On TV Shows

Of all the different types of games to be found at casinos, there is one that always tops the list of the most played. That is the game that some refer to as the ‘pokies.’

You probably won’t be familiar with that term, as it is mainly used in Australia and New Zealand, where these games are very big. In most other countries, they are known as slot games but are just as popular.

That worldwide embrace of pokies is down to the fact that anyone can play them. The rules are simple, and the gaming is fast, fun, and action-packed.

There are also great pokies that have themes drawn from sports and entertainment franchises. That helps to bring new players in who are fans of those franchises and want to explore anything that is connected to them.


The Pokies Go Online

Slot machines have always been a massive source of revenue for casinos. Check out any of the major casinos in Las Vegas, and you will find hundreds of slots on the gaming floors.

The shift towards online casinos has fuelled even greater pokies popularity, though. People can play hundreds of these games and find sites that offer them with a quick search, making them an extremely convenient and easy form of entertainment. Most players in Australia and New Zealand head online to play pokies, due to this convenience.

Then there are the themes. Most modern online video pokies have a theme based on a hit movie, television show, sports team, or something. There are lots of games inspired by TV shows, which attract fans of those shows.

That connection between existing franchise fandom and interest in the spin-off pokies is real. People tend to prefer slots based on shows that they know because they provide a nostalgic experience or a chance to indulge their fan dedication a little further.

These are the best online pokies based on television shows.

Game Based TV Shows


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

This game show is a franchise that is sold to countries all over the world. That means the spin-off pokie had a ready-made global customer base – almost guaranteeing its success if it was any good.

It is a good pokie game, one that follows the standard format of 5 reels and contains 50 pay lines that players can put bets on. From the moment the game is powered up, there are graphics of the presenter and the contestant.

The money board recording the amounts won that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the show is on the right-hand side of the screen. Icons to be found on the reels include Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend, a check for $1 million, and the infamous black chair.

It also features all of the dramatic music and neon blue lighting that added so much tension to the show, so the theme is really brought out.

This is a progressive jackpot slot, so players actually can become millionaires by playing it – in theory, at least.


Downton Abbey

Made in the UK, the period drama Downton Abbey is another show that is watched by people in every country. It is seen as the quintessentially English show, and people love it for that reason.

A Downton Abbey pokie game might seem a bit incongruous with its old-world charm, but it is lots of fun. The game comes with five reels and three rows, but unusually it also has two different sets of reels.

The lower one comes with 40 pay lines and the upper one with 243, so there are plenty of bets to place on it. The reels feature characters from the show as icons, and there are fun bonus games that develop the theme.

The best is the Downton Abbey Village Flower Show game that can trigger the free spins feature. Overall, this pokie captures the early 20th-century feel of the hit show while retaining the best modern video slot features.


Family Guy

The US animated comedy series Family Guy syndicates in most countries. It is all about the hilarious exploits of the dysfunctional Griffin family, led by slob’s father, Peter Griffin.

The pokie that has been spun off from it follows the usual five-reel format and has 30 pay lines that players can bet on. Bets start as low as $0.30, so like most pokies you can play all night without worrying about money.

There are lots of fun video clips from the show throughout the game and reel icons of the main characters.

Pokies Games Based TV Shows


Star Trek

There are not many more iconic television shows than Star Trek, so a spin-off pokie was an absolute must. The game is actually inspired by one of the feature films – the beloved Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.

That means it has all of the characters from the original show featured as reel icons and in clips throughout though. It also has a fun bonus game drawn from the TV episode The Trouble with Tribbles.

The Star Trek pokies game can be bet on for just $0.01, and the top jackpot available is 1000x what you bet. That means it makes sense to put a little more on each of the 30 pay lines if you can.

It is another of the top TV slot games for anyone who loves the show.

Now you know what the best pokies based on television shows are, there is nothing to stop you from playing them.

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