Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai BGPH Today’s Episode 21st June 2023: Latest Written Update

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain 21 June 2023

Today’s 21st June episode of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai uncovers the sight of Vibhu and Anu planning to get money. Vibhu approaches David and presents Dimple to him, and informs him that she is searching for a husband. David queries Dimple about her father’s occupation. As per Dimple, he runs a kebab stand. David invites her to have a seat and then begins a conversation with her over several kinds of kebab. David becomes animated. Anu and Vibhu are watching over them. David starts by relating his experiences with kebabs and how he once met a woman who prepared delectable kebabs. Calling Dimple, Vibhu requests that she perform for David.

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Anu Suggests An Idea

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Today's Episode
And TV

David joins Dimple as she begins to dance for him and seems to like it. David asks Dimple to grab some kebabs, and they both walk away.

To enrage David, Anu urges Vibhu to pretend to have an affair with Dimple. Vibhu claims that if others saw him with Dimple, they would question him. According to Anu, she was giving him permission, and if he didn’t, he would lose $20 million. This, according to Vibhu, is repulsive. Anu advises him to do it if he wants or ignore the money.


Angoori Witnesses Vibhu

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain 20-6-2023
And TV

Dimple and Vibhu were cuddling and looking into one other’s eyes. David notices them. David makes an effort to avoid them, but as Vibhu and Dimple enter the kitchen, he sees them. Angoori observes Vibhu and Dimple in her kitchen.

Vibhu approaches Angoori, who mocks him about last night. Vibhu becomes perplexed and inquires about what occurred the night before. Angoori claims she spotted two birds spending time with each other and leaving the kitchen yesterday.

Tillu and Teeka are taught Arabic and Urdu by Saxena. Tillu and Teeka pose simple inquiries, and Saxena shows them how to do it in Arabic.


Anu Asks Angoori Not To Worry

Angoori greets Anu and tells her about Dimple. Anu tells her that she is Vibhu’s friend who teaches her dance. Angoori claims that she is unfamiliar with Anu’s home, Tiwari has warned Angoori not to trust strangers, and she has a bad feeling about Dimple after seeing her and Vibhu in an embarrassing situation the previous evening. Anu responds that they were only having fun. The discourse seems strange to Angoori, so she departs.

Dimple follows Vibhu as he moves, telling him she has fallen in love with him. Vibhu requests her to go and informs her that he is a happily married man who adores his wife. Dimple continues to pursue him.


The Drama: Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Latest Episode
And TV

On March 1st, 2015, this Hindi comedy TV show debuted on And TV. The comedic TV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai has a large number of episodes, each clocking in at roughly 21 minutes.

Don’t forget to tune in every night at 10:30 p.m. to see what happens next. Please share your opinions on this in the comments section below. We are waiting for your response. Stay tuned for more updates!

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