Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s 29th September 2023 Written Updates

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2023

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi September 29, 2023 episode begins with Lakshmi acting shyly as she says she’ll go grab the ropes, leaving Rishi’s inquiry unanswered. He wonders to himself about how adorable Lakshmi is dodging his inquiry and predicts that one day, she will admit that she likes him as well.

Continue reading to know more about what happened in today’s episode.

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Rishi Teases Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi

Lakshmi arrives with the rope, and Rishi attaches the cloth to the window while Lakshmi begins to remove items to create room for sleeping. She mentions how many things there are, while Rishi teases her that there is something in her heart as well. Lakshmi is perplexed and asks innocently, “What?” Rishi smirks and informs her that there is affection in her heart, and it is for him. She becomes shy as she encourages him to concentrate on cleaning and to quit his antics.


What Will Happen Next In Bhagya Lakshmi?

Bhagya Lakshmi Smita Bansal

The next episode opens with Aayush entering the living room and approaching Harleen and Virender after noticing them discussing. Virender and Harleen nod in agreement as he explains how Rishi and Lakshmi have found a place to reside. Everyone expresses their joy at Lakshmi and Rishi’s recent reunion. Aayush, Harleen, and Virender’s smiles vanish as the door suddenly opens, revealing Neelam as Malishka emerges from behind her.

Lakshmi is attempting to remove the spider webs off the ceiling of the ancient house as Rishi watches her struggle to reach the top due to her height. She clutches his shoulders in disbelief as he approaches her and abruptly lifts her up. While she can now get it, he instructs her to dust the ceiling, which she does while Rishi remains in awe of her. Then, as both of them were caught in each other’s gaze, he set her back down on the ground while maintaining his grip on her waist and removing the hair from her face with the other hand.

What do you think will happen in the narrative of Bhagya Lakshmi? Also, please tell us your opinion on the show in the below comment section. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for more updates on Bhagya Lakshmi.

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