Crew Day 1 Box Office Collection: Tabu, Kareena, And Kriti’s Film Soars As 3rd Highest Opener Of 2024

Crew Day 4 Box Office collection

Crew‘ triumphs as a surprise at the box office. It became the third-highest opener of 2024. Driven by the stellar trio of Tabu, Kareena Kapoor, and Kriti Sanon, this comedy film took off on its first day of release, raking up an excellent Rs 10.28 crore domestically and taking off to a worldwide gross of Rs 20.07 crore.


Crew Day 1 Box Office Collection

Crew raked a whopping Rs 10.28 crore on Day 1 in its Domestic Box Office Collections. With this huge collection on Day 1, Crew has become the third biggest opener of 2024 for the Bollywood film industry.

Crew is exceptional even overseas. It became the highest opening day ever for any female-led Indian film, collecting Rs 20.07 crore worldwide gross.


Star Cast And Stellar Performances In Crew

Kriti Tabu Kareena Crew

The energizing camaraderie of Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon and their star-studded abilities ignited the Indian box office with a blast of excitement. Therefore, their trio on screen, upheld by Director Rajesh Krishnan’s vision, ended up being a triumphant formula, thus dazzling crowds with their comedy acting skills.


Competing With Titans

Kriti Tabu Kareena Kapoor Crew Teaser

Notwithstanding confronting fierce competition from heavyweight releases like ‘Godzilla X Kong’ and ‘The Goat Life’, ‘Crew’ figured out how to hold its ground, floated by positive word of mouth and the appeal of its trio female cast. Critics hailed ‘Crew’ as an exceptional take-off from the standard narrative of political drama, commending its carefree story and perfect comic timing. With competitions made with the new hit ‘Madgaon Express’, the film guarantees a rollercoaster ride of laughter and comedy timings.


All About Crew Plot

Kriti Tabu Kareena Crew Teaser

Set against the background of the surviving airline industry, ‘Crew’ unfurls the loud journey of three ladies captured in trouble. They explore the conflict of their lives as cabin crew for Kohinoor Airlines. This further raises hilarity results, prompting surprising and exciting twists in the tale ahead. With its stellar exhibitions, and amazing humor. Along with irresistible appeal, ‘crew’ has established its status as a Box Office leader, denoting a victorious return for its driving women. As crowds run to theaters to witness the comedic film unfurl, this artistic diamond vows to take off to considerably greater levels in the days to come.


Celebrating Female-Driven Film

Tabu Kriti Kareena Crew

‘Crew’ stands apart as a significant achievement in standard Hindi film, strikingly resisting shows with its all-female-led cast. In a scene frequently overwhelmed by a male-driven cast, the film’s depiction of bold, independent ladies resounds profoundly, moving crowds and making them ready for a more comprehensive narrative. Along with Kapil Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh adding their flair in supporting roles, ‘Crew’ not only makes the crowd go crazy with excitement. It also shows a very different angle of the cast being put up for this film.

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