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Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s 5th March 2024 Written Update

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Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2024 episode begins with Neelam stunned by the sight of Paro in front of her at the house. Paro recognizes Neelam right away and admits that she assumed it was a robber, which annoys Neelam even more. Neelam inquires why she thinks of a thief when staring at Neelam and how Paro entered the house alone at night. Continue reading to learn more about today’s episode.

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Enraged Neelam

Neelam Bhagya Lakshmi
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 Paro claims that someone allowed her in and didn’t arrive on her own. She then shows Neelam has two spikes on her head in her shadow. Neelam is enraged by this and declares that she must teach Paro a lesson on her own. Meanwhile, Lakshmi discovers Rohan sleeping in her arms and chooses to bring him back into the home.


What Will Happen Next In Bhagya Lakshmi?

Rishi Bhagya Lakshmi
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The forthcoming episode will begin with Lakshmi gently massaging Rohan’s head. She feels comfortable in his embrace as if he is her son. Shalu witnesses Lakshmi’s kind approach to Rohan and adores them from a distance before assisting Lakshmi in carrying Rohan inside the home so that he isn’t woken up. After Rohan is led into the bed, Lakshmi and Shalu discuss Rohan, who reminds Lakshmi of her missing son. Shalu claims that one’s destiny is unchangeable no matter how much one tries. Lakshmi questions how she can accept such a horrible destiny that has taken away a part of herself.

Meanwhile, Neelam calls all of the family members in the living area at night. She then explodes in wrath at Rishi for inviting Paro into their home. Rishi claims Paro would stay for a while before leaving, but Neelam insists on speaking with Paro’s mother, Lakshmi, instead.

What will happen next in Bhagya Lakshmi? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We are also looking forward to hearing from you! Also, tune into Bhagya Lakshmi at 8:30 p.m. to discover what happens next. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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