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Bigg Boss 12, Day 44: Shilpa Shinde And Vikas Gupta Will Enter The House To Celebrate Diwali With Contestants

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On the Day 43 of Bigg Boss, we saw that the nomination process for this week has been started and a new twist has been introduced in the nomination task. A whole new surprise is waiting for the contestants on Day 44. Two of the former contestants will re-enter the house to celebrate Diwali with the contestants.


A Quirky Task

Bigg Boss 12, Day 44
Bigg Boss 12, Day 44

In the previous episode, we saw that a quirky task was introduced. According to the task, Romil, Surbhi, Somi and Deepak were to assign ranks to the rest of the contestants. Sreesanth was given the first rank while Srishty Rhode was given the eighth rank. Some of the contestants were not satisfied with the ranks that were assigned to them. Rohit Suchanti had to come on the ninth spot which was displeasing for him.


Day 44: Shilpa Shinde And Vikas Gupta Will Enter The House

In the recent promos of Bigg Boss, Shilpa Shinde was seen entering the house along with Vikas Gupta. The contestants got surprised after seeing Shilpa and Vikas inside the house. Shilpa Shinde will have new tips for the contestants during the Diwali Dhamaka episode tonight.


Who Is The Strongest Contestant According To Shilpa Shinde?

In another promo video, Shilpa Shinde was asked a few questions about her re-entry inside the house. She told that she is quite excited about visiting the house again and she confirmed that she is bringing multiple surprises for the contestants.  On being asked about the strongest contestant, she named Romil Chaudhary. She was further asked about the contestants that she wants to see as the finalist of Bigg Boss 12. She named, Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana and Sreesanth.

Are you excited for tonight’s show? And who do you think is the strongest contestant of this season so far? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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