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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Episode 13th January 2024: Karan Johar Stirs Up Drama On Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 17 13th January 2024

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17, Karan Johar stirred up the drama by addressing the intense family dynamics that unfolded during Family Week. One of the major highlights was the confrontation between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s mother, Ranjana Jain, leaving fans in shock and disbelief.

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Karan Johar’s Candid Talk

Known for his clear-cut and candid approach, Karan Johar didn’t mince words as he called out Vicky Jain for being seemingly indifferent to Ankita Lokhande’s emotional turmoil. Johar expressed astonishment at Vicky’s lack of involvement in understanding his wife’s perspective. According to Johar, even a simple inquiry about the situation from Ankita’s end would have sufficed, but Vicky seemed disinterested.


Ankita Lokhande’s Stand

During Family Week, Ankita Lokhande took a firm stand against Vicky Jain’s mother when she brought up Ankita’s deceased father in a contentious conversation. Ankita asserted that while discussions were welcome, dragging her late father into the argument was entirely inappropriate. Netizens resonated with Ankita’s strong stance, highlighting the emotional turmoil she faced on national television.


Vicky Jain’s Defense

In response to the accusations, Vicky Jain defended himself by explaining that his father’s remarks were from a parental perspective. He suggested that Ankita appeared in the wrong when she lost control of her emotions on the show. This defense, however, did little to sway public opinion, as fans continued to criticize Vicky for his perceived emotional unavailability.


Karan Johar’s Advice To Vicky

Karan Johar didn’t shy away from offering advice to Vicky Jain during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Johar emphasized the importance of being emotionally present for one’s partner, especially in challenging times. He urged Vicky to take a moment to understand Ankita’s feelings and stand by her side. Netizens applauded Johar for addressing the issue directly and appreciated his no-nonsense approach.


Fans Applaud Karan Johar

Bigg Boss 17 fans flooded social media with praise for Karan Johar’s intervention. Many lauded him for addressing the elephant in the room and standing up for Ankita Lokhande. Comparisons were drawn between Johar and the show’s regular host, Salman Khan, with some fans expressing that Johar’s candidness made him a deserving contender for the hosting role.


Netizens Take Notice

Observant netizens pointed out Vicky Jain’s apparent reluctance to engage with Ankita on the show. They noted that he seemed more inclined to converse with other contestants than address his wife’s concerns. Social media was abuzz with discussions on whether Vicky’s behavior was indicative of a more significant issue in their relationship.


Ankita’s Concern For Vicky

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In a surprising turn, Ankita Lokhande expressed concern for Vicky Jain’s well-being during the episode. She questioned if he needed a break and reminded him that such behavior was unexpected. Also given her love for his family. This revelation added another layer to the unfolding drama and left fans speculating about the couple’s future on the show. As the drama unfolds on Bigg Boss 17, Karan Johar’s no-nonsense approach has brought to light the emotional complexities within Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship. Fans eagerly await the subsequent developments. Thus curious to see if Vicky will heed Johar’s advice and bridge the emotional gap with his wife in the coming episodes. The rollercoaster of emotions continues on the reality show. It also keeps viewers hooked for more revelations and surprises.

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