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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Episode 23rd January 2024: Check Mid-Week Eviction And Top 5 Finalists

Bigg Boss 17 23rd January 2024

In a surprising turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, the recent mid-week elimination has shocked fans as Vicky Jain, initially considered one of the strongest contenders, bids an unexpected farewell just before the highly anticipated grand finale. Let’s dive into the twists and turns that led to this dramatic exit and meet the remaining top 5 finalists who are vying for the coveted title.


Vicky Jain’s Unforeseen Departure

Vicky Jain, who entered the Bigg Boss house with his wife Ankita Lokhande, had been a standout participant throughout the season, garnering immense support from fans. However, his journey took an unexpected turn, leading to a mid-week eviction that surprised everyone. The couple’s personal lives became a focal point of the show, giving rise to conflicts and disagreements. Therefore, the controversy escalated when Vicky’s mother expressed reservations about Ankita, accusing her of seeking sympathy by discussing her late ex-boyfriend, Sushant Singh Rajput.


Salman Khan’s Weekend Ka Vaar

During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, host Salman Khan addressed the ongoing drama surrounding Vicky Jain’s eviction. Salman, known for his wit, humorously responded to Vicky’s mother’s comments on Ankita and Vicky’s marriage. He quoted Vicky’s mother’s words about the wedding expenses and the challenges of marrying an actor. Thus, Salman’s witty exchange added a light-hearted touch to the intense family drama within the Bigg Boss house.


Remaining Top 5 Finalists

After Vicky Jain’s unexpected eviction, the competition in Bigg Boss 17 has reached a fever pitch. The remaining top 5 finalists who will battle it out for the coveted title are Ankita, who entered the house with Vicky and continues to be a strong contender and a fan favorite. Also, her journey has been marked by both personal and strategic moments, making her a key player in the game. The stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui has brought laughter and entertainment to the Bigg Boss house. His wit and humor have made him a beloved contestant among viewers.

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Actress Mannara Chopra has added glamour to the Bigg Boss house. Her presence and dynamic personality have kept the audience engaged, making her a contender to watch out for. With his strategic gameplay, Abhishek Kumar has navigated the challenges of the Bigg Boss house. Also, his alliances and decisions have positioned him as a formidable competitor. Arun Mashetty, with his unique perspective and gameplay, has secured a spot in the top 5. His journey has been marked by twists and turns. Therefore, it adds an element of unpredictability to the competition.


The Road To The Grand Finale

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With the unexpected eviction of Vicky Jain, the dynamics of the game have shifted, and the remaining top 5 finalists are gearing up for the grand finale. As the competition intensifies, fans eagerly await the crowning moment when one of these contestants will emerge as the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss 17. Therefore, the mid-week eviction of Vicky Jain has injected a new level of excitement and anticipation into Bigg Boss 17 as the top 5 finalists gear up for the grand finale. Thus, the roller-coaster journey of drama, emotions, and strategy continues to captivate audiences. So stay tuned for more updates and witness the thrilling conclusion of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 17.

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