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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Episode 23rd January 2024 Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2024 episode begins with Prachi believing Ranbir should have been present to celebrate Purvi’s joy, as she feels empty without him. Pandit Ji then questions where the vermilion is. Prachi responds that it is just here and begins hunting for it around Mandap. Meanwhile, when it is not discovered, Harleen suggests they collect it from the market and attempt to ask Yug for it. Manpreet claims they have vermilion, and Divya adds they have more vermilion, so Prachi goes inside to get it. Continue reading to learn about today’s episode.

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Jasbeer Enters

Jasbir In Kumkum Bhagya

After that, Ashok seems amazed at Purvi’s wedding and discusses with Manpreet how it appears like time passes so swiftly. Prachi once visited their house after wedding Akshay and cured all their trauma, otherwise, Akshay was responsible for their misery. Furthermore, Manpreet expresses her need for Akshay. Ashok advises her not to become highly sentimental because it is time to celebrate Purvi’s marriage ceremony. Manpreet acknowledges and adds that Purvi should be safeguarded from evil eyes. Just then, Jasbeer appears in transgender disguise and declares he is here to offer blessings and purify them all. He begins pouring water from the urn, which causes them concern.


What Will Happen Next In Kumkum Bhagya?

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi

Meanwhile, the entire family is taken aback. Vishakha and Biji confront Jasbeer regarding what he did. Harleen thinks being anxious is not good, and Pandit Ji agrees it’s a terrible omen. Harleen is concerned since he was supposed to bless the couple but caused a problem at the wedding; according to Manpreet, he even soaked Rajvansh and Purvi’s gowns.

Furthermore, Jasbeer pretends to be apologetic. Rajvansh tells him he will get what he desires but should go immediately. Harman instructs Yug to escort Jasbeer and his men out. Manpreet instructs Diya to take Purvi and air out her dress with a drier while Rajvansh and Purvi go to mend their outfits.

Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi have a hit-and-miss moment. Diya looks for the dryer, ultimately finding it. Just after that, Jasbeer arrives, and Diya notices him soaking and tells him to change his saree. He says he is OK, but Diya demands he change his clothing and accepts. He then came out and changed the saree, to which Diya praised him before leaving.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh enters a room to clean his outfit, and Khushi begins to gain awareness within the drum, while Rajvansh becomes upset by the items that keep dropping from the dressing table. Suddenly, Khushi’s drum collapses, forcing Khushi’s head out of the drum, and Rajvansh goes closer to inspect it.

What will happen next in the narrative of Kumkum Bhagya? Also, please share your views about Kumkum Bhagya’s episodes in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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