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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Episode 29th October 2023: Check Weekend Ka Vaar And Wild Card Entries

Krushna Abhishek Spices Up Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar with Hilarious Antics

Bigg Boss 17 BB17 22nd October 2023

Bigg Boss 17, the sensational reality show hosted by Salman Khan, has been making waves in its first week with an eclectic mix of personalities. As the drama unfolds, this Weekend Ka Vaar promises to be a laughter riot with the entry of comedian and actor Krushna Abhishek, playing the role of Khabri Dadi.

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Khabri Dadi’s Arrival

In a surprising twist, Khabri Dadi announces her presence to the contestants, revealing that evicted participants will be featured on her show. With a mischievous glint in his eye, Krushna Abhishek throws spicy questions at the inmates, creating a lively atmosphere on the set. The charismatic Khabri Dadi doesn’t spare anyone, taking a playful jab at Ankita for her show and teasing Neil about his endearing nickname for Aishwarya. The contestants find themselves in the hot seat as they navigate through Khabri Dadi’s quirky questions. Krushna Abhishek’s comedic timing adds a refreshing element to the Weekend Ka Vaar, ensuring viewers are in for a treat.


Wild Card Entry Shakes Things Up

In a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss introduces an early wild card entry – Samarth Jurel. The revelation leaves the house in shock, especially Isha, who confronts Samarth about his unexpected appearance. Emotions run high as Abhishek Kumar breaks down, adding an unexpected twist to the ongoing drama. As tensions escalate, Samarth drops a bombshell, claiming to represent a girl in the house who wants to reveal her true identity. The atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation as the participants rally to prevent a potential confrontation. The unexpected revelation opens a new chapter in the Bigg Boss 17 saga, leaving the audience eager for more.


Dramatic Confrontation

Isha grills Samarth about his motives, asking why he chose to make such a revelation. Samarth, unfazed, responds with a clap, leaving Isha taken aback. The confrontation takes an emotional turn as Abhishek’s tears flow uncontrollably, drawing the attention of the entire house. The unfolding drama is both intense and unpredictable. Amidst the chaos, participants rush to intervene and prevent a physical altercation. Vicky Jain steps in to support Abhishek, while Munawar Faruqui takes on the role of peacemaker, holding back Samarth. The revelation that a girl among them is unwilling to accept her relationship with Samarth adds layers to the unfolding narrative.


All About Bigg Boss 17

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As the episode unfolds, it becomes evident that Bigg Boss 17 is not holding back on the surprises and drama. Krushna Abhishek’s stint as Khabri Dadi injects a dose of humor into the Weekend Ka Vaar. Thus providing a much-needed break from the intense confrontations within the house. With unexpected twists, emotional breakdowns, and a wild card entry. So tonight’s episode is a rollercoaster of emotions that entertainment enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest happenings in the Bigg Boss house!

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