Exclusive: Vikram Mastaal Talks About His Journey And It Is An Inspiration For All

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Vikram Mastaal is one of the amazing and action-packed actors in the Bollywood industry. He started his career on television. He is known for his role as Lord Hanuman from the iconic Ramayana telecasted in NDTV Imagine. There are only a few people who played the role of Lord Hanuman with ease, and Vikram is one of them. Vikram Mastaal has also played the character of Balwinder Singh in 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1947. He made his debut in the movie Suspense, and the way he performed in the movie is remarkable. Vikram has performed all the stunts and actions on his own.

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Recently, we have gone live with Vikram Mastaal on Instagram. It was such a pleasure talking to him. Vikram Mastaal spoke about how he started his journey. It is really inspirational to know. Talking to Praneet Samaiya, Vikram said,

“It was started around 14 years back. I came from a village Salkanpur in Madhya Pradesh where the population is merely six hundred. Belongs to a farmer family, the biggest challenge I faced was the language. I struggled a lot when I came to Mumbai. There is a huge difference in lifestyle between the village and Mumbai. A village boy with big dreams came to Mumbai. It was a time when language was a barrier. But I kept on chasing my dreams.

Since childhood, I have done my work on my own. I lost my parents a few years back. My parents have not seen me become an actor. I miss my parents too much. I am today just because of their blessings and teachings.”

“One day I got a call for the auditions. It was for the mythological serial Ramayana. I was lean that time and have been asked to speak some dialogues of Lord Hanuman from the script. After few days I got a call from the makers that I have been selected for the role of Lord Hanuman. I was in a dilemma as I was lean and my body may not do justice with the role. But the makers were so gentle that they give me time for six months as the entry of Lord Hanuman was later in the show. Rest is history.”

On asking what kind of challenges he faced when he played Lord Hanuman, Vikram Mastaal highlighted the points that hardly people are aware of. Honestly, it was really surprising to know. Vikram added,

“The biggest challenge was I have to be in a get-up with a mask on for over 12 hours. During that time, I can only liquid diet. To maintain a physique with this kind of routine was tough. I use to wake up at 4 AM in the morning then I do work out followed by a heavy meal. We were shooting in Gujarat and I have to be barefoot all the time. During summer it was too tough. But the character of Lord Hanuman gave me strength and power from inside. After Ramayana, I worked in 21 Sarfarosh Saragarhi.” 

Vikram Mastaal Cinetales
Vikram Mastaal/Instagram

Vikram Mastaal has worked in Bollywood movies like Suspense and Sakshi. He has also shared his experience in working in Bollywood. Vikram added,

It was an amazing experience and have learned a lot from these movies. Both the movies have various shades of my character. After these movies, I worked in the web series Assi Nabbe Poore Sau. I played the role of Inspector Farhan, who has been given a task to catch a man who killed 100 children. It was a role I have never done before.

Vikram Mastaal also talked about his fitness and diet. He said he became a pure vegetarian and has seen drastic changes in his body. Vikram added,

“Diet plays an important role in your life. It is a myth that you can build your body only by having a non-vegetarian diet. Ever since I became a pure vegetarian, I have seen amazing changes in my body. My body became more energetic and active. I have stopped taking the meal after 7 PM. Eat healthy food. Add green leafy vegetables, pulses, to your diet. Avoid eating junk food at any cost. There were not many heart attacks or cancer kinds of diseases 25 years before. But now they are growing and it is because of our unhealthy lifestyle.”

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Vikram Mastaal also said that he has some fantastic projects coming up. He will be in never seen before avatar in this upcoming project. We wish Vikram Mastaal all the very best for his future endeavors.

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