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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Finale Week 29th June 2023 Episode – Will Anyone Choose Money Box?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 providing An Exciting Journey into the World of Reality Television

Bigg Boss Season 5 23rd May 2023 Today Episode Update

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is a popular reality television show that has captivated audiences across Kerala. Adapted from the original Big Brother format, the exhibition brings together a diverse group of celebrities who live together in a specially designed house for a fixed period. With its unique blend of drama, entertainment, and emotional moments, Bigg Boss Malayalam has become a sensation in the regional television industry.

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The Concept BBM 5

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Finale Week

Bigg Boss Malayalam revolves around the concept of isolation and constant surveillance. Contestants from various fields, including film, television, and music, are brought together under one roof, cut off from the outside world. The show tests their resilience, adaptability, and ability to navigate relationships in a controlled environment. Each week, contestants nominate each other for eviction, and viewers vote to save their favorite participants.


Nomination List For Today, 29th June 2023

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Money Box

Bigg Boss Malayalam thrives on audience participation. Viewers have the power to save their favorite contestants by voting through various channels. The show’s social media presence amplifies the engagement, with discussions, debates, and trends surrounding the show dominating online platforms.

  • Akhil
  • Aniyan
  • Cerena
  • Junaiz


Host And Format

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is hosted by a popular celebrity, Mohanlal, who adds charm and personality to the show. The host interacts with the contestants, provides insights, and presents weekly updates and eliminations. Their presence adds a layer of authority and anticipation, making the viewers eagerly await their appearances.


Tasks And Challenges

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Finalist

To spice up the competition, Bigg Boss Malayalam assigns tasks and challenges to housemates, ranging from physical endurance tests to creative endeavors, mental puzzles, and even role-playing activities. The tasks not only test the contestants’ skills and abilities but also create opportunities for strategic gameplay and alliances, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to the show.

Bigg Boss Malayalam has successfully carved its niche in the reality television landscape of Kerala. With its blend of drama, emotions, and thrilling challenges, the show keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. As the season progresses, Bigg Boss Malayalam continues to evolve, bringing fresh faces, unexpected twists, and captivating narratives, ensuring that it remains a favorite among reality TV fans.

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