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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Episode 13th January 2024: Check Nominations And Elimination Details

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, surprises, and eliminations. As the competition intensifies, the show’s latest twist has left viewers shocked and intrigued. Let’s delve into the recent developments, focusing on the unexpected elimination of Vijay Varma and the buzz surrounding the show.

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Vijay Varma’s Journey

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Episode

Vijay Varma, a contestant known for his resilience and charm, faced an unexpected exit from the Bigg Boss house based on audience votes. His journey was marked by ups and downs, captivating twists, and a mid-week elimination that changed the dynamics of the game.


The Mid-Week Elimination

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

During the Weekend Ka Vaar with Kamal Haasan, Vijay Varma bid farewell to the house as he received the least number of votes. This surprise elimination left the audience wondering about the factors influencing the voting trends and the dynamics within the house. Despite his early exit, Vijay Varma’s stint on Bigg Boss Tamil 7 proved to be financially rewarding. Reports suggest that Vijay charged Rs 15,000 per episode during his 21-day initial stay. Thus accumulating a substantial income of Rs 3.15 lakh.


The Wild Card Comeback

Adding an unexpected twist, Vijay Varma made a comeback as a wild card contestant during the eighth week, extending his stay for an additional 45 days. This second stint earned him around Rs 6.75 lakh, bringing his total income from the show to an impressive Rs 9.9 lakh. The drama didn’t end with Vijay Varma’s elimination. Controversies unfolded as fellow contestant Vichithra expressed dissatisfaction over an interaction between Vijay Varma and Nixen. Thus suggesting a rift within the house. Ananya’s remarks on the matter added fuel to the fire. It also creates a tense atmosphere within the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 household.


Vichithra’s Discontent

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Logo

Vichithra, visibly upset with the turn of events, confronted Nixen over a conversation with Vijay Varma. Thus sparking heated exchanges. The tension escalated as Ananya voiced her opinion, contributing to the overall drama and adding a layer of complexity to the relationships within the house. Vijay Varma’s journey may have concluded. But the impact of his presence and the controversies surrounding him continue to resonate in the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house. The dynamics have shifted, and alliances have been tested. And the drama unfolds as the remaining contestants vie for the coveted trophy.


The Road Ahead

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

As Bigg Boss Tamil 7 inches closer to its grand finale, the contestants’ unexpected twists, controversies, and financial gains keep the audience hooked. Vijay Varma’s journey, filled with highs and lows, serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of the reality show. Stay tuned for more drama and surprises. And nail-biting moments in the quest for the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 trophy!

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