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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Today’s Episode 13th June 2023: BBM5 Who Will Ticket To Finale?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 captivated audiences across the nation with its enthralling mix of drama, entertainment, and intense emotions.

Bigg Boss Malayalam BBM 5

Find out Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Online Voting Results on June 13, 2023. Here you may view the most recent updates to the nominees’ live scores. Voting for competitors can be done online, using the Hotstar app, or by leaving a missed call. The person who receives the fewest votes is eliminated from Bigg Boss Malayalam 5. Today’s live score update is based on public voting. Live voting for Bigg Boss 5 in Malayalam is a method of predicting which contestant will be evicted each week. Stay tuned to get updated information on the Bigg Boss 5 Malayalam vote results.

Throughout the season, the contestants face numerous challenges, tasks, and games that test their physical, mental, and emotional abilities. Also, they are assigned various household responsibilities, and their interactions, friendships, conflicts, and alliances are closely observed by both the viewers and Bigg Boss.


BBM Season 5 Nomination List – Week 12

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5
  • Akhil
  • Cerena
  • Junaiz
  • Nadira
  • Reneesha
  • Shiju
  • Vishnu


BBM 5 Captain’s Role

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Ticket To Finale

Each week, a new captain is elected to oversee the tasks. Thus maintaining discipline in the house. The captains play a crucial role in maintaining order and resolving conflicts among the contestants. They are chosen based on their leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and ability to handle pressure. With their authority, the captains ensure the smooth functioning of the house and enforce rules. Their decisions often significantly impact the dynamics and atmosphere within the Bigg Boss Malayalam house.


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Captain’s List

Week Name
Week 1 No Captain
Week 2 Akhil
Week 3 Sagar
Week 4 Shobha
Week 5 Akhil
Week 6 Aniyan
Week 7 Shiju
Week 8 Vishnu
Week 9 Shiju
Week 10 Shobha
Week 11 Cerena
Week 12 Junaiz


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Elimination

Each week, housemates nominate their fellow contestants for eviction by assigning them votes. The contestants who receive the maximum number of votes are considered for elimination. Therefore, the viewers can save their favorite housemates by voting for them through various platforms, such as SMS or online voting via Hotstar App or by giving a missed call. Therefore the contestant with the least number of votes is eliminated from the show. So this process continues every week until the final few contestants remain, ultimately leading to the crowning of the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam.


All About Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Elimination

BBM is a popular reality TV show in Kerala, India. It follows the format of the international Big Brother franchise, where a group of celebrities lives together in a specially designed house, cut off from the outside world. The show format of BBM subjects the contestants to a series of challenges, tasks, and eliminations while cameras continuously monitor their every move. Therefore the show features drama, conflicts, and emotional moments as the contestants navigate alliances, confrontations, and friendships. Also, BBM provides entertainment, suspense, and a glimpse into the personalities and lives of the contestants. Thus captivating audiences with its unique blend of reality and entertainment.

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