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Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Today’s Episode 1st July 2023: Grand Finale Elimination And Top 5

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5: Excitement Builds as Grand Finale Approaches!

Bigg Boss Season 5 23rd May 2023 Today Episode Update

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is reaching its thrilling climax, with the anticipation of the grand finale building up among viewers. As the competition intensifies, the contestants give their all to secure a spot in the final showdown. Let’s look at the latest updates and predictions as the finale date draws near!

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Nadira Mehrin: A Trailblazing Finalist

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Winner

One of the finalists of Bigg Boss Season 5 Malayalam is Nadira Mehrin. A transgender journalist who has been representing the LGBTQ community throughout the season. Her journey has been inspiring, breaking stereotypes and garnering immense support from the viewers. However, an unexpected twist occurred recently when Nadira decided to walk out of the show. Thus claiming a portion of the prize money totaling 7,75,000 lakhs to begin a fresh chapter in her life.


The Finalists Unveiled

With the 14th week coming to an end, the second, third, and fourth finalists are set to be revealed soon. Viewers eagerly await this announcement. The remaining contestants include Akhil Marar, Aniyan Midhun, Cerena Ann Johnson, and Junaiz VP. Reneesha Rahman, Sobha Viswanath, and Shiju Abdul Rasheed anxiously await their fate. The tension is palpable as the eviction process commences, ultimately determining who will advance to the grand finale.


Grand Finale Spectacle

Mark your calendars for July 2nd, as the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 grand finale promises to be a night to remember. Starting at 7:00 PM and concluding at 10:30 PM. The nail-biting event will showcase the remaining contestants’ final moments in the Bigg Boss house. Also, viewers can expect high drama, emotional farewells, and thrilling performances as the top contenders battle it out for the ultimate title.


Voting Results: The Pulse Of The Viewers

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Finale

The online voting results have been instrumental in shaping the course of the season, as viewers have the power to support their favorite contestants. Fans have actively participated in the show’s journey by voting through the Hotstar app or giving missed calls. The live voting results offer a glimpse into the pulse of the audience, helping predict which contestants might face elimination in each round.


Final Verdict: The Decision Lies With The Viewers

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Grand Finale

As the tension reaches its peak, viewers will play a vital role in determining the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5. With fierce competition among the remaining finalists, it’s anyone’s game. The power lies in the hands of the viewers, who will decide the fate of these contestants through their votes.

The excitement surrounding Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is reaching a fever pitch as the grand finale approaches. With Nadira Mehrin’s unexpected exit, the remaining finalists gear up for the ultimate showdown. Don’t miss out on the electrifying moments as the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 is crowned in a spectacular grand finale on July 2nd. Stay tuned for all the updates and witness the thrilling culmination of this sensational reality game show!

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