Bigg Boss Malayalam BBM 5, 21st May 2023 Today’s Episode, Elimination & Voting Details

Sruthi Lakshmi Breaks Her Silence After Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 Eviction: Genuine Connections and Unapologetic Authenticity. Read to know more

Bigg Boss Malayalam BBM 5

Popular contestant Sruthi Lakshmi bid farewell to the Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 house after facing eviction from the show. Following her exit, Sruthi opened up about her experience, emphasizing her genuine nature and true friendships formed within the house. Let’s delve into her candid revelations and reflections on her journey.


Embracing Authenticity And True Friendships

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5

In an interview, Sruthi Lakshmi shared her perspective on the personal dynamics within the Bigg Boss house. She acknowledged that while it is a personal game, being part of a group is inevitable. She expressed her natural inclination to be part of such groups, staying true to herself and avoiding any pretense. Sruthi firmly asserted, “I have never been fake on Bigg Boss.”


List Of Candidates Now In The Show

  • Reneesha Rahiman
  • Rinosh George
  • Cerena Ann Johnson
  • Sobha Viswanath
  • Sagar Surya
  • Vishnu Joshi
  • Junaiz VP
  • Akhil Marar
  • Aniyan Midhun
  • Nadira Mehrin
  • Shiju Abdul Rasheed


Grateful For Genuine Bonds

Bigg Boss Malayalam

Sruthi highlighted her deep connections with Rinosh and Midhun, her closest friends in the house. She cherished the beauty of their friendship, recognizing that authenticity was the cornerstone of their bond. The actress also revealed her approach of focusing on one task at a time, not overly indulging in career celebrations or social media distractions. This genuine outlook sometimes resulted in misunderstanding from the outside, but her friendship with Rinosh and Midhun remained invaluable.

Sruthi, acknowledging the nature of the game, mentioned that it is essential to differentiate between the show’s portrayal and reality. She believed that amidst the created instances in a game, there may have been instances where contestants behaved inhumanely. She discouraged attaching too much significance to any perceived good moments within the show, as it ultimately remains a game. Nevertheless, Sruthi acknowledged that the experience allowed her to observe and judge the character of fellow contestants, helping her discover her own goodness.

Reflecting On The Journey

Having lived for three decades, Sruthi Lakshmi maintained her conviction throughout the show. However, she candidly admitted that the memory of her 56 days in the Bigg Boss house might or might not stay with her. She left the audience pondering her thoughts on the transformative experience she went through during her time on the show.

Sruthi Lakshmi’s eviction from Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 marked the end of her eventful journey on the reality show. She embraced her genuine nature, forming heartfelt connections with Rinosh and Midhun. Sruthi emphasized the distinction between the show’s illusion and reality, urging viewers not to assign too much value to temporary moments within the game. As Sruthi bids adieu to the Bigg Boss house, her authenticity and unapologetic approach to life remain an inspiration to many.

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