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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Episode 27th November 2023: Vanitha Attacked By Pradeep Antony’s Supporter

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In a shocking turn of events, former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Vanitha Vijaykumar recently found herself at the center of a disturbing incident. The actress took to Instagram to reveal that she had been allegedly attacked by a supporter of actor Pradeep Antony, who was recently evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house.

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The Horrifying Encounter

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Vanitha Vijaykumar shared a haunting photo of her injured face, recounting the harrowing incident. According to her Instagram post, she described leaving home with rage after the attack, unable to identify her assailant. The alleged attacker, she claimed, laughed maniacally, leaving her traumatized. Vanitha announced that due to her physical condition, she would be taking a break from appearing on screen and issued a warning to those who support disturbed individuals, stating that danger is just a step away.


Pradeep Antony’s Response

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Pradeep Antony, in response to the allegations, took to social media to share his side of the story. He posted a screenshot of his conversation with Vanitha, expressing that he was unaware of the incident but felt sorry for her. Pradeep clarified that he harbored no ill feelings towards any contestant and wished Vanitha a speedy recovery. In a surprising twist, he also emphasized that Jovika, Vanitha’s daughter and fellow contestant, was smart enough to succeed on her own without any assistance.


The Background Story

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Pradeep Antony’s eviction from Bigg Boss Tamil 7 had occurred earlier due to allegations of making female participants feel unsafe with his behavior. Vanitha’s daughter, Jovika, had also raised concerns about Pradeep’s actions, leading to his expulsion from the reality show. On Sunday, Vanitha took to social media to share the distressing details of the assault. She claimed to have been brutally attacked by an unidentified individual who identified as a supporter of Pradeep Antony. Vanitha explained that the assailant approached her while she was heading to her car, uttered threatening words, and struck her in the face before quickly fleeing the scene. The actress expressed her pain and shock, narrating the incident vividly.


Pradeep’s Exit From Bigg Boss Tamil 7

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It is noteworthy that Pradeep Antony’s eviction from the reality show was prompted by Jovika’s ‘red card’ complaint against him. Thus citing his inappropriate behavior. The swift action by the show’s organizers saw Pradeep promptly removed from the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house. The incident involving Vanitha Vijaykumar’s alleged assault has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. At the same time, Vanitha takes a break to recover from the physical and emotional trauma. Therefore, the conflicting accounts from both parties add a layer of mystery to the already dramatic narrative. As fans anxiously await further developments, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges. And controversies can unfold within and outside the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding saga that has gripped the fans and followers of the popular reality show.

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