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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Today’s Episode 3rd November 2023: Bhole Shavali Got Swapped With Arjun Ambati

Nagarjuna Steals the Show with Stylish Yellow Shirt on Bigg Boss Telugu 7; Bhole Shavali and Arjun Ambati Swap Takes Center Stage

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 4th October 2023

South sensation Nagarjuna is proving that age is just a number as he hosts the seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu. Not only does he bring his charismatic hosting skills to the table, but his fashion choices are also making headlines, with the latest buzz surrounding his suave yellow shirt adorned with quirky star prints.

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Nagarjuna’s Fashionable Stint

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Nagarjuna

The 64-year-old star continues to defy aging norms, captivating audiences with his lean physique and boyish charm. Nagarjuna, known for his impeccable style, has been setting fashion trends in the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 7. His wardrobe, comprising shirts, tuxedos, and attention-grabbing shoes, adds an extra layer of entertainment to the show. The recent talk of the town? His eye-catching yellow shirt with playful star prints.


Jumping Japang Task Drama

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Participants

Episode 61 of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 was nothing short of intense drama. The Veera Simhalu and Garjinche Pululu teams were embroiled in a fierce battle for supremacy, fighting tooth and nail for coveted balls. Amidst the chaos, a heated argument erupted between contestants Amardeep Chaudhary and Rathika Rose, adding spice to the already tense atmosphere.


Breakfast And Aim Low Task

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Updates

The second task of the day, dubbed “Breakfast and Aim Low,” witnessed Ashwini and Bhole Shavali as Sanchaalaks. Contestants Amardeep, Arjun Ambati, Gautam, and Shobha engaged in a fierce competition, with Amar ultimately emerging victorious. The Garjinche Pululu team, strategizing to gain an edge, decided to snatch 500 balls from the Veera Simhalu team. The game took a thrilling turn when the Bigg Boss voice prompted Gautam to reveal the possessor of the coveted Golden Ball. In a strategic move, Gautam admitted to holding the golden ticket, earning the power to swap a weak member from his team with a strong counterpart from the opposing team.


Bhole Shavali And Arjun Ambati Swap

Veera Simhalu, armed with the Golden Ball advantage, made a pivotal decision. Bhole Shavali was swapped with Arjun Ambati, creating a dynamic shift in team dynamics. Shivaji and Gautam engaged in a heated argument over the ethics of stealing in the task. Thus leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. As the 61st episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 concluded. Also, both teams geared up for the impending task, setting the stage for another round of intense competition—the unpredictable twists and turns, coupled with Nagarjuna’s charismatic hosting and stylish wardrobe. Therefore, continue to make Bigg Boss Telugu 7 a must-watch for fans.


All About Bigg Boss Telugu 7

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Host

Nagarjuna’s fashion-forward choices not only elevate his on-screen presence. But also add a layer of glamour to the entire Bigg Boss Telugu 7 experience. His ability to seamlessly blend style and substance makes him a trendsetter. Thus proving that he is indeed aging like fine wine in both talent and fashion flair.

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