Check These Surprising Transformations Of The Actresses In Bollywood

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4. Kareena Kapoor Khan


It is strange how the fat, chubby newcomer in the industry turned into a bold and beautiful woman as the years passed. The actress has definitely made a glamorous impression in the industry with the works she has delivered and the transformation she has gone through.


5. Sushmita Sen


The diva isn’t even probably recognizable in the old pictures of hers. The looks might have changed, but the confidence has surely remained the same.


6. Rekha


One of the oldest actresses in the film industry today, she carries herself like no other! The charm that she has, that smile and personality doesn’t show her real age, but the transformation in picture does.


7. Priyanka Chopra


The actress started off in the industry as a naive, young girl has now reached great heights. It is good to see the actress setting up her foot in Hollywood as well.

These were just a few beauties of the Indian Film Industry whose transformations were mentioned about. the real truth is, all of us go through transformations over the years. The good part is, along with their beauty, their acting skills have only flourished to achieve finesse.

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