These Bollywood Celebs Own Expensive Apartments In Foreign Countries

Many Celebs Have Houses In Several Countries

Celebs Expensive Apartments In Foreignvia

The Bollywood celebs always make an impact with their extravagant lifestyle. When it is about their residence, they never compromise with the class. Many of the Bollywood celebs have expensive apartments in foreign countries. Today we have brought you a list of such Bollywood celebs. Let us check it out.


1. Salman Khan – Dubai

Celebs Expensive Apartments In Foreign

Salman Khan owns expensive apartments outside India. He is fond of Dubai and he bought an apartment there. His apartment is near Burj Khalifa and it has a private pool, bar, and a mini theatre.


2. Akshay Kumar – Mauritius And Canada

Celebs Expensive Apartments In Foreign

Akshay Kumar is fond of Canada. He is the brand ambassador for Canada tourism in India. Moreover, he owns a hill there and he is planning to turn the hill into a villa. Besides that, the actor also owns a bungalow on a Mauritian Beach.


3. SRK And Gauri Khan – Dubai And London

Celebs Expensive Apartments In Foreign

SRK and Gauri own a holiday home in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The villa encompasses a pool and private beach. Besides that, the couple also has an apartment in central London.

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