Shilpa Shinde Told This Is What She Will Do With The Bigg Boss Prize Money

She Has Not Spent The Prize Money Yet

Shilpa Shinde Bigg Boss Prize Moneyvia

Shilpa Shinde shocked everyone by grabbing the trophy of Bigg Boss Season 11. After that, she became one of the most desirable celebs. With the Season 11 trophy, she received Rs 44 Lakh as the Bigg Boss prize money. In a recent interview, she told that she have not spent the Bigg Boss prize money.


Shilpa Shinde Won Bigg Boss 11

Shilpa Shinde Bigg Boss Prize Money

Shilpa Shinde appears in Sunil Grover’s comedy show Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan. Currently, she has no intentions of going back to daily soaps. In an interview, she disclosed her plans and what she will do with the prize money.


This Is What She Will Do With The Bigg Boss Prize Money

Shilpa Shinde Bigg Boss Prize Money

She said, “Since the moment I enter the Bigg Boss house, I had only one thought in my mind. I was thinking, if I win the season 11, I would spend the prize money for making an old age home. I want to take care of those old parents who are being overlooked by their children. In my old age home, they can come and interact with the people of the same age group.


She Was Considered A Week Contestant At The Beginning

Shilpa Shinde Bigg Boss Prize Money

At the beginning of season 11, Shilpa was considered as a week contestant. However, she won hearts with her candid behavior and ended up being the victor. The Bigg Boss winners receive Rs 50 lakh as the prize money. However, Shilpa Shinde was given Rs 44 Lakh as her co-contestant; Vikas Gupta won Rs 6 Lakh in a task.

Shilpa Shinde inspired others by introducing her caring nature in Bigg Boss house. Moreover, she is pursuing it further. Her decision reflects her caring nature. What do you think about this decision of Shilpa Shinde? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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