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Kundali Bhagya Today’s 14th January 2024 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya Update

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2024 episode begins with Palki chopping vegetables and Shanaya walking around anxiously. Daljeet then comes from the kitchen, complaining of a headache caused by exhaustion from doing all the housework. After that, she expressed her desire to drink tea and asked Shanaya and Palki if anybody else wanted to join her. Shanaya approves. Daljeet then requests that Palki prepare some tea for them while she relaxes and watches a movie on TV. Continue reading to learn more about today’s episode.

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Shocked Ladies

Kundali Bhagya Rakhi

Daljeet notices Shanaya is sad and asks why. Shanaya responds that Shaurya is in prison, and she has no clue when he will be freed, and that if he receives a lengthy prison sentence, what will she do? Her life would be wrecked. Daljeet advises her not to think badly because if she feels positive, everything will go fine. Meanwhile, Palki discovers the remote and hands it to Daljeet. She turns on the television and directs Palki to prepare the tea. Furthermore, Daljeet, Shanaya, and Palki stare in disbelief as they watch TV, as Surya claims in a news conference that Shaurya is an illicit drug trafficker.


Shocking Statements

Preeta Kundali Bhagya

Meanwhile, the Luthra family is taken aback by what he claims in front of the media. The media queries Surya about any evidence that Shaurya is a drug trafficker. However, the other Luthra family members try to stand by him. Still, the media accuses them of being biased towards Shaurya for his sake, claiming that this is why affluent house children become pampered and spoiled brats. Meanwhile, Karan becomes enraged with the media for their harsh treatment of the Luthra family and requests that they speak correctly, or he will also become unpleasant to them. The press responds that they are simply doing their jobs and have been ordered to answer their questions.


What Will Happen Further In Kundali Bhagya?

Kundali Bhagya Nidhi

Nidhi questions Surya about why he is doing that since he promised to assist her.  Surya responds that he is simply here to support her before addressing the media again and asking everyone to calm down. He claims to have known Karan for a long time and appreciates him greatly. He informs the media about his son’s time working at Karan’s firm and making errors, after which Karan legally penalized him. He remarks that if he can’t save his son as a police inspector, he doesn’t know how to assist him, so Karan attempts to bribe him through his wife, shocking everyone.

Meanwhile, Nidhi tries to reject his allegation, but he uses CCTV video of his and Nidhi’s encounter as proof, during which she gives him the money. On the opposite side, Rajveer and Shaurya come together, and Shaurya says goodbye, indicating that he is disinterested in discussing with him.

What will happen next in Kundali Bhagya? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We are also looking forward to hearing from you! Also, tune into Kundali Bhagya at 9:30 PM to discover what happens next. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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