College Romance Season 4 Review: An Engaging Tale Of Friendship, Love, And College Life

College Romance Season 4 Review

The web series College Romance has become very popular in recent years. The creator is The Viral Fever, and the developer is Arunabh Kumar. Aside from Apoorva Arora, it also features Keshav Sadhna, Manjot Singh, Gagan Arora, and Shreya Mehta. It follows Karan, Naira, and Trippy, three best friends. They search for romance, fun, and some enduring memories while attending college together.


College Romance Story

College Romance Final Season 4 SonyLIV

The lives of Karan, Naira, and Trippy—three of the best friends—are the focus of the web series. They are navigating the ups and downs of college life when the story starts. The series also explores their pursuit of romance, humor, and remarkable experiences.

This occurs as they deal with the difficulties and rewards of being a college student. The buddies are on the verge of maturity in the just-released fourth season. As they enter the real world, they face their anxieties and concerns.


College Romance Season 4 Review

College Romance S4

The sad moments of saying goodbye are captured in these five episodes. Additionally, it emphasizes their graduation and a fresh start. Furthermore, our favorite characters are now starting the next phase of their stories. This time, the story has a bit more weight to it. The protagonists also encourage and motivate one another.

College Romance

They also discover their passions in the meantime. The crazy one-liners, though, are something we miss this season. The pace of the script is just right, and there’s an incredible mix of comical and severe situations. The season’s plot also upholds the ideal depiction of the main characters’ friendships.

However, the entire tale may have benefited more from a little more humor. On the other hand, the ensemble cast has consistently done an excellent job of representing each character. This time around, they all do extraordinarily well. The soundtrack also intensifies the emotional impact and supports the story.

College Romance Final Season 4

A group of friends’ joyful and enjoyable journey continues in College Romance Season 4. They are navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence.


Final Verdict

College Romance

Being loaded with emotions, this season makes a strong case for the story’s conclusion. In addition, this season consists of five brief episodes. These episodes wrap up the series a little bit neatly. The college years of the characters finish in a heartwarming happy conclusion. Therefore, we recommend it as a solid one-time watch. We give it 3 stars out of 5.

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