The Trial Review: Kajol Led Legal Drama Falls Short Of Its Potential

The Trail Review Kajol

The Trial is a Disney+ Hotstar legal drama television series set in 2023. It is a remake of The Good Wife by Robert and Michelle King. Suparn Verma also serves as the show’s director. It has Kajol playing the lead. The story centers on a housewife who, after being a housewife for ten years, goes back to work at a law company. She also does this to provide for her family if her husband is in prison.


The Trial Story

Trial Web Series Review

Rajiv, the husband of Nayonika Sengupta, is accused of bribery and receiving sexual favors. Since her husband is now in a police jail, Nayonika is now responsible for supporting her family. She also resumes her legal career after more than ten years of retirement.

She begins working for a well-known law company where she accepts numerous challenging cases. The story that follows also emphasizes how bravely she overcomes obstacles. Furthermore, she faces these difficulties in both her personal and professional lives.


The Trial Review

The Trail Sheeba Chaddha

It starts with The Trial’s movie script. Its screenplay is interesting. This implies that the story is direct and to the point. Additionally, Suparn Verma does a good job of adaptation. Furthermore, the Trial alludes to the actual Trial that Nayonika Sengupta experiences. The presentation becomes even more immersive as a result.

The issues she faces, however, capture the interest of the audience. Moving on, another significant issue is that having a well-known celebrity as the main character makes the other characters feel burdensome. Additionally, if there is a second season, we anticipate slightly more fluid writing. Moving on, everything starts to appear familiar at a certain point.

Trial Web Series Hotstar

In addition, Kajol had a good performance as Noyonika. She is an actor who knows her strengths and best roles. The actor who plays Noyonika’s husband, Jisshu Sengupta, did a wonderful job as well. The Trial also effectively depicts some aspects of modern society. This also takes into account the impact of social media and news headlines.

The series stays true to its core tenets of being a courtroom drama. This has a strong emotional foundation. A handful of the subplots feel forced into the story and don’t further the plot in any way.


Final Verdict

Trial Hotstar

The Trial covers a wide range of topics and ideas. Unfortunately, none of these are properly under exploration. The ideas of justice and love are also not properly in use. Despite having a fantastic cast, the series falls short of its potential. It doesn’t succeed in raising the bar for legal dramas. We give this series 2.5 stars out of 5.

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