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This Contestant Got Evicted From The Bigg Boss House

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Bigg Boss Season 13 is one of the most controversial seasons in the history of Bigg Boss. Every now and then contestants are fighting for smaller things. It has been a month and there are hardly any tasks that are performed with the right spirit and completed. There are a total of 10 people currently in the house and in the last Weekend ka Vaar hosted by Salman Khan, he told that there will only be five housemates out of 10 who will be inside the house after the finale.

Siddharth Dey

Several Wild Card entries are confirmed like Hindustani Bhau, Tehseen Poonawala, and Khesari Lal Yadav. They will enter the house after the finale. All the contestants were nominated last week.  As it has been declared earlier that Bigg Boss 13 is the most teda season and has finale in 4 weeks. Here comes a surprise for all the contestants that there is a mid-week elimination or specifically mid-night elimination.

In tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss called three contestants to the activity area. Mahira Sharma, Siddharth Dey, and Aarti Singh. There is tension everywhere in the contestants. The contestants who are not called are tensed for their friends called for. Like Shefali Bagga is tensed for Siddharth Dey, Siddharth Shukla is tensed for Arti Singh and Paras Chhabra is tensed for Mahira Sharma. If sources are to be believed, it is Siddharth Dey who got evicted today. Siddharth Dey, a writer did not have a good run in the Bigg Boss house. He has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. His fight against Arti Singh and recently with Shehnaaz Gill and his give up attitude did not like by the audiences. Today Siddharth Dey will be eliminated.

What do you think about this Bigg Boss mid-night elimination? Who is your favorite contestant to win this Bigg Boss season? Let us know in the comments below.

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