Namrata Shirodkar Opens Up On Why She Quit Acting After Marrying Mahesh Babu

Reason Behind Leaving Showbiz

Namrata Shirodkar Mahesh Babu

While leaving your rising career in order to marry is not everyone’s choice, there are always certain exceptions. Actress Namrata Shirodkar is to name one such exception. She was popularly known for working in films like Vaastav, Pukar, and Kachche Dhaage. However, after her marriage in 2005, she abruptly left Bollywood. You all may or may not have wondered about the reason behind her leaving the industry. Well, fret now because we are here to give you clarity about it now. Recently, she opened up about why she quit acting after marrying Telugu star- Mahesh Babu. Read on to know the full scoop.


Namrata Shirodkar On Leaving The Industry


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In a recent interview with celebrity journalist Prema, Namrata gave certain insights that nobody knew. She shared that her husband, Mahesh, always wanted a ‘non-working wife’ therefore, she quit her acting career post-marriage. Furthermore, she also shared that even if she was not an actor, he would have asked her to quit working. Hindustan Times quoted her saying,

“Mahesh was very clear that he wanted a non-working wife. Even if I was working in some office, he would have told me to leave work. There are certain things we had for each other.”

The former Femina Miss India also shared that just like Mahesh, she also put forth conditions before tying the knot with him. Namrata shared how Mahesh agreed to move into an apartment because she was uncomfortable living in huge bungalows. Namrata said,

“We were very clear that we will live in an apartment first after marriage because I was from Mumbai, and I didn’t know how I would fit into these huge bungalows. I used to get scared so he moved into an apartment with me. That was my condition that if I’m going to come to Hyderabad, I will live in an apartment.”

“Similarly, he was also clear that he didn’t want me to work. This is why we also took some time so that I could finish shooting for all my films. When we got married, I had no work, so I wrapped up all my pending movies. We were clear. There was a lot of clarity among us.”


She Shares How Marrying Mahesh Was ‘The Happiest Moment’ In Her Life


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In the same interview, actress Namrata said that she has no regrets about leaving the industry. After a decent hike in her modeling career, she went for acting. She added,

“I got into acting which was the obvious next step and by the time I really enjoyed my work and thought seriously about my craft, I met Mahesh and we got married. If I had taken my work seriously, my life would have been very different from what it is now…so I’m not complaining.”

While talking to Prema, she described her marriage with Mahesh as “the happiest moment” in her life. Furthermore, she added,

“the whole experience of marriage and motherhood is great and that she would not exchange or change that for anything else.”

Actor Mahesh Babu and former actress Namrata Shirodkar met on the set of Vamsi and fell in love. After dating for 5 years, they decided to marry one another on 10 February 2005 in Mumbai. They are parents of two kids, Gautham and Sitara.

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