Cook With Comali (CWC) 4 Elimination, 25th June 2023 Episode: Ticket To Finale

Cook with Comali 4: Semi-Finale Episode Takes Contestants Closer to the Finale!

Cook With Comali 25th June 2023

Cook with Comali Season 4 is back with a bang, captivating viewers with its unique blend of cooking and entertainment. The competition intensified in the recent Semi-Finale episode as the contestants battled it out for a spot in the grand finale. Let’s dive into the exciting highlights of the episode that kept everyone on the edge of their seats!

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Ticket To Finale Week

Cook With Comali 4 Finalist

The episode kicked off with an electrifying atmosphere as the host, Rakshan, welcomed the audience. To make the week even more special, cricket stars Varun Chakravarthy and Venkatesh Iyer graced the show as special guests. The virtual presence of cricketer Vijay Shankar added to the excitement.


The Main Cooking Challenge

In a twist, the contestants had to select a ball from a box, determining the main ingredient for their dishes. Sivaangi, Vichithra, and Shristi were assigned non-vegetarian ingredients, while Mime Gopi and Kiran received vegetarian ones. Kiran cleverly swapped Shristi’s non-veg component with a vegetarian alternative.


The Kitchen Divide

Cook With Comali 4 Finale

Adding a hurdle to the challenge, the kitchen was split into two sections. The comalis had to do the cooking while the cooks instructed them throughout the process. Tensions rose as Shristi expressed her frustration towards Pugazh for the delayed start. Thangadurai’s cringe-worthy jokes irritated everyone, including Mime Gopi, who was dissatisfied with GP Muthu’s performance.


Intense Moments And Team Dynamics

Monisha found herself excited about cooking since Vichithra was absent. However, a conflict arose between her and GP Muthu over oil. Kiran and Vichithra, utilizing a 5-minute break, lent a helping hand to their respective comalis. Sivaangi faced a dilemma when her chicken ended up overcooked. Despite the pressure, she showcased her singing talent by performing the soulful “Alaikadal” song for the guests.


Cook With Comali 4 The Final Phase-Off

Cook With Comali 4 Grand Finale

Vichithra, Shristi, and Mime Gopi emerged as the finalists for the next round based on a Liquid or Solid challenge. Mime Gopi expressed disappointment for not securing a solid ingredient. Shristi’s fiery nature came to the forefront as she passionately voiced her disapproval of negativity on the show. Ultimately, Vichithra claimed the coveted position as the first direct finalist of Cook with Comali Season 4.

The Semi-Finale episode of Cook with Comali 4 was an exhilarating affair, brimming with intense cooking challenges and intriguing team dynamics. With Vichithra securing her place in the grand finale, the competition gets fiercer as the remaining contestants vie for the remaining finalist spots. Be sure to catch the excitement by watching the full episode on Star Vijay or Disney+Hotstar. For more updates and entertainment, tune in to Cook with Comali Season 4 every Saturday at 9.00 PM and Sunday at 9.30 PM on Star Vijay or stream it on Disney+Hotstar.

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