Cook With Comali (CWC) 4 Today’s Episode 10th June 2023: The Elimination Week

Cook with Comali S4 Written Update

Cook with Comali, the much-awaited reality cooking program, has returned for a fourth season on Vijay TV. With a three-year success record, it has been brought back for season four to provide spectators with a distinctive cooking demonstration of pleasure. This enthralls viewers with fierce competition and unexpected turns. Rakshan, the host, welcomes everyone to the event at the outset. Later, he brings Manimegalai to this show as a co-host.

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Cook With Comali Written Update: The Elimination Week

Cook with comali 4 Full Episode
Vijay Television

Rakshan, the Cook With Comali’s host, begins by greeting everyone at the show. Later, he brings Manimegalai to the show as a co-host. They call it Elimination Week. It is Elimination Week, according to the most recent Cook with Comali promo (10-06-2023)!

The coupling is based on ancient Kings and Queens.

Kureishi – Vichithra.

Pugazh – Andrean.

Sunita Mime Gopi

Monisha – Kiran.

GP Muthu – Shristi.

Spicy Adai is the basis for the first advantage task. Teams having more adai will advance to the next task of advantage. GP Muthu is thrilled to be working with Shristi. Monisha cannot raise the grindstone. Kureishi injures his hand while working in the kitchen. Andrean inspires Pugazh to cook. Manimegalai recommends Cardiac Advanced Oil for cooking.

Sunita gets confused between Mohanlal and Mammutty and is attacked by Kureishi. Cazzh, Andrean’s cousin’s sister, appears as a special guest in the show. Andrean, Kiran, and Shristi advance to the next culinary round. The second benefit task is on  Porched eggs.


Special Guests Apper On The Show

Cook with comali 4
Vijay Television

In order to promote their upcoming film Por Thozhil, actors Ashok Selvan and Sarathkumar appear on the program.

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