Dahaad Series Review: Sonakshi Sinha’s Exceptional Performance Will Win Over Your Heart

Dahaad Web Series Review

An online crime, mystery, and thriller series in Hindi is Dahaad. The creators are Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, and the directors are Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi. Additionally, some of its actors include Sonakshi Sinha, Gulshan Devaiah, Sohum Shah, Vijay Varma, Manyuu Doshi, and Yogi Singha. Dahaad is also the first Indian online series to ever have its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. On May 12th, the show is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Dahaad Story

Dahaad Web Series

Anjali Bhaati, a senior police officer from a low caste, is the subject of the story Dahaad. She is given a case involving a missing girl at the Mandawa Police Station. She is also alleged to have eloped with a Muslim male while carrying a large number of valuables, including cash and jewels. As soon as Anjali is given control of the case, she and her mentors, Devilal Singh, and Kailash Parghi, begin an investigation. While conducting their inquiry, the police learn that numerous girls from various parts of Rajasthan are eloping with anonymous partners.

Additionally, they learn that the narrative behind each missing girl is consistent. Anjali eventually learns that those girls are ingesting ‘cyanide’ to kill themselves. Anand Swarnakar, a professor of Hindi, is the police’s top suspect. However, they couldn’t discover enough solid evidence to put him in jail. On the other hand, Anand cleverly deceives the police and makes an effort to appear innocent. Will Anjali and her crew be successful in catching Anand Swarnakar in the act? That is what Dahaad depicts.


Dahaad Series Review

Vijay Varma Dahaad

The plot develops at a slow, deliberate pace. This enables a deeper investigation of the circumstance and acts as a commentary on the society in which it is present. Dahaad’s casting is audacious and courageous. Additionally, the filmmakers cast an actor who is a long way from playing a role this intricate and convince her that she has the talent to do well in it. Sonakshi Sinha portrays the role so naturally and adjusts to the surroundings.

She has also shrugged off the immense pressure that comes with her character’s many facets. There is no other way to describe what Vijay Varma accomplishes with these parts; he is a magician. Even though there isn’t a scene in which the actor portraying the serial killer kills somebody, you are still afraid of him, thanks to the writing. Additionally, Soham Shah and Gulshan Devaiah excel in their respective parts. Dahaad explores touchy subjects like politics.

Sonakshi Sinha Dahaad

Additionally, it is based on prejudice, economic inequality, class discrimination, and politicians who twist the truth to incite hatred for a certain faith. The show develops an intricate setting that demands the attention of the viewer. We also mention this since watching it while multitasking is difficult. Moving on, Yogi Sankotra, Tanay Satam, and Vanshikha Singh’s cinematography are mesmerizing. It transports the audience to the desert-themed universe of the story.


Final Verdict

Sonakshi Sinha Vijay Varma Dahaad

Dahaad is an introspective online series that has all the necessary components to get viewers to consider societal stigma in the nation. The star cast of the series also gives excellent performances. Finally, we can only conclude that Dahaad is a film that everyone should watch. Everything you find relatable is present in the story of Dahaad. Additionally, there are bits of reality together with thin fiction. We give the show a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

Dahaad also offers a bit of reality that may be a little difficult to take in. Being a female police officer at a police station full of guys is difficult enough without having to stand out. Overall, Dahaad is a treat for everyone who is a fan of cop thrillers.

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