Do Aur Do Pyaar Movie Review: An Intimate Saga Is Filled With Humor And Emotions

Do Aur Do Pyaar Review

Do Aur Do Pyaar is a romantic comedy film. It stars Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D’Cruz, and Sendhil Ramamurthy in the lead roles. Meanwhile, Shirsha Guha Thakurta makes her directorial debut with this movie. The movie is produced under the banners of Applause Entertainment and Ellipsis Entertainment Production. Moreover, Do Aur Do Pyaar is an official adaptation of the earlier film, The Lovers.


Do Aur Do Pyaar Movie Story

Do Aur Do Pyaar Movie

The story of Do Aur Do Pyaar revolves around Kavya and Anirudh. They are just an ordinary couple who face a rocky phase in their marriage. Both of them are indulging in extramarital affairs.

Do Aur Do Pyaar Cast

Kavya’s affair is with Sendhil Ramamurthy’s character and Anirudh’s is with Ileana D’Cruz’s character. However, despite their affairs, they try to reignite the spark in their relationship.


Do Aur Do Pyaar Movie Review

Do Aur Do Pyaar Vidya Balan

Do Aur Do Pyaar explores the issues present in modern relationships and the trauma that couples experience. All the factors of the movie make it extremely relatable to the audience. The relationship problems and the couple’s fights will keep you glued until the end. Moreover, the film also brings up the issue of inter-caste marriage. We also see a lot of humor and emotions in the movie. That’s when you know how impactful the writing is.

Also, special mention to Amrita Bagchi for the dialogues that leave an impact and make you laugh. Furthermore, Vidya Balan plays her character with perfection. Pratik Gandhi also brings the required depth to his characters. Both of them portray the feelings and complexities of love, betrayal, and longing. Additionally, their on-screen chemistry perfectly depicts the issues of a struggling marriage. Their characters add a sense of realism to the narrative.

Sendhil also brings a sense of calm to the narrative and does a good job with his expressions. Others also played their part well. In her debut directorial, Shirsha Guha Thakurta also did a good job. Moving further, the film’s music also adds emotional depth and enriches the viewing experience. However, the narrative might sometimes seem predictive and lagged, but the positives of the movie overpower it.


Final Verdict

Do Aur Do Pyaar Story

Do Aur Do Pyaar is an in-depth exploration of love, betrayal, and redemption present in modern relationships. It offers stellar performances and perfect direction. Although there are a few minor flaws, an interesting narrative offers a thought-provoking reflection. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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