Dunki Day 1 Box Office Advance Booking (2 Days To Go): SRK Sets BO On Fire

Dunki Teaser SRK Drop 1

Excitement is brewing in the world of Bollywood as Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated film, “Dunki,” directed by the acclaimed Rajkumar Hirani, gears up for its release on December 21. The advance bookings for this cinematic spectacle have already taken the Indian Box Office by storm.


Spectacular Start At The Box Office

Dunki Cast

Dunki’s journey begins with a bang, raking in an impressive Rs 7.46 crore on its opening day. The advance bookings saw a staggering sale of 2,55,796 tickets nationwide. Maharashtra leads the charge with Rs 1.32 crore, closely followed by Delhi and West Bengal at Rs 1.18 crore and Rs 99.13 lakh, respectively.


City-wise Showdown

In the battle of the cities, Hyderabad and Kolkata emerge as front-runners with high occupancy rates of 26%, contributing Rs 83.95 lakh and Rs 74.45 lakh, respectively. However, cities like Pune and Surat witness lower occupancy, with Pune at 7% and Surat at 3%. The National Capital Region (NCR) steals the spotlight with 1,039 shows, reflecting a remarkable level of audience interest.


Dunki’s Global Triumph

Dunki Shah Rukh Khan

Beyond the Indian shores, Dunki’s overseas advance bookings have surpassed expectations, leaving “Salaar” in its wake. Movie Hub reports an astounding $915,000 (Rs 7.6 crore) in just five days without premieres. Projections indicate a leap to $1.5 million (Rs 12.5 crore) by December 20. The cumulative advance booking figures for Dunki now soar past Rs 15 crore.


Can Dunki Outshine Pathaan And Jawan?

Dunki Vicky Kaushal

Shah Rukh Khan, the maestro of Bollywood, has set unparalleled standards with his recent blockbusters, “Pathaan” and “Jawan.” “Pathaan,” released in January, broke records with a worldwide collection of Rs 1,055 crore. In December, “Jawan” outdid its predecessor, minting Rs 1,160 crore. Now, all eyes are on Dunki, the result of SRK’s collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani. Can it surpass the milestones set by “Pathaan” and “Jawan”? Only time will unfold this cinematic saga. As the countdown to Dunki’s release continues, fans and cinephiles eagerly await the verdict – will Dunki emerge as the new Bollywood blockbuster sensation? Stay tuned for the grand unveiling on December 21!


The Global Frenzy And Anticipation

Dunki Trailer

Dunki’s global resonance transcends borders, with international audiences eagerly anticipating its release. Surpassing overseas advance booking records, the film’s buzz has reached a crescendo. Dunki’s potential to captivate audiences worldwide becomes increasingly evident as the anticipation builds. Will it carve its niche in the global cinema landscape and outshine the international success of its Bollywood counterparts? The answer lies in the unfolding chapters of Dunki’s cinematic journey, promising a riveting narrative that extends far beyond the Indian shores.

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