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Anupama 19th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 23rd September 2023

Anuj admits in today’s Anupama 19th December 2023 program that he believes Anupama does not provide similar attention to him and Anu as she does to the Shahs. Anuj claims that Anupama is never really present with him and his family since her mind is preoccupied with her ex-husband and their kids.

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Anupama Questions Anuj

Anupama 18 November 2023

Anupama asks Anuj whether he believes she prefers the Shahs more than him and her current family, and Anuj responds that Anupama realizes the truth herself. He adds that he recognizes that 26 years is not a small period that can be quickly forgotten, but he is done adapting himself to Anupama’s baggage.


Stunned Anupama

Anupama Today's Episode

Anuj apologizes to Anupama for making her mother take on more responsibilities at such an age, saying he should have considered twice before doing so. Anuj claims that he sometimes believes Anupama is living with him and Anu as an obligation and wouldn’t do it otherwise. Anupama is stunned as she analyses what Anuj tells her. Ankush attempts to stop Anuj from going on, but Anuj insists that he is not finished yet. He says he shouldn’t have married her and should have given them and the connection more time to get to know one other.


Anuj Complains

Anupama 29th August 2023

Anuj chuckles as he sees the result of the haste to marry. Anupama questions Anuj if he believes he made a mistake marrying her, to which Anuj responds that he never stated so, and she is still perplexed by his view. He complains that it is unfair that only he and Anu could adjust to her split existence, while Anupama complains that he should have warned her when she made such a mistake. Anupama declares that she informed Anuj that they should not married and that she has one thing to tell him.


Anuj And Anupama To Separate?

Anupama Daily Soap

Anuj stands in sorrow as Anupama explains that a dragging relationship can no longer function and must be ended. She states that she is willing to divorce Anuj if he finds it impossible to live with her, while Anuj claims that she did not grasp what he was trying to convey.

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