Dunki OTT Release Date: This Is When And Where You Can Watch Shah Rukh Khan And Rajkumar Hirani’s Film

Dunki Day 2 Advance Booking

In an unexpected turn of events, Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited film ‘Dunki‘ has made its way to the small screen through Netflix. Fans who were eagerly anticipating the film’s release were pleasantly surprised when the announcement dropped on Netflix India’s official social media platforms. Also read: Dunki Cast Salary.


Dunki OTT Release Date

On Valentine’s Day, Shah Rukh Khan, famously known as the ‘eternal Valentine,’ teased his fans with the promise of a big surprise. Little did they know that the surprise would come from ‘Dunki’ premiering on Netflix.


Star-Studded Cast And Director

Dunki Vicky Kaushal

Directed by the acclaimed Rajkumar Hirani, ‘Dunki’ boasts a stellar cast, including Taapsee Pannu, Boman Irani, Vicky Kaushal, Anil Grover, and Vikram Kochar. With such a lineup of talent, the film promises to deliver an engaging and memorable cinematic experience.


From Theaters To OTT

Dunki Cast

Originally released in theaters on December 21, ‘Dunki’ quickly became a box office hit. So now, with its arrival on Netflix, audiences worldwide can enjoy the film from the comfort of their homes.


SRK’s Special Announcement

Dunki SRK

Just a day before the official release, Shah Rukh Khan took to social media to share a special announcement with his fans in a video posted on Netflix’s official handle. Also, the Bollywood superstar hinted at something extraordinary happening on the streaming platform. Therefore leaving fans intrigued and excited.


Streaming Now

Dunki Teaser

The wait is over! ‘Dunki’ is now available for streaming on Netflix, allowing viewers to embark on a thrilling cinematic journey filled with romance, drama, and entertainment. ‘Dunki’ made its digital debut on Netflix, surprising fans with its Valentine’s Day release. Now, viewers can enjoy the film’s gripping storyline and stellar performances at their convenience. Thus, streaming anytime, anywhere, on the popular OTT platform. With its surprise OTT release on Netflix, ‘Dunki’ adds yet another feather to Shah Rukh Khan’s illustrious cap. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the superstar or simply a lover of quality cinema. Also, ‘Dunki’ promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and powerhouse performances. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into the world of ‘Dunki’ right from your living room!

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