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Jhanak 17th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 17th December 2023

The Jhanak episode from today, December 17, 2023, opens with Jhanak struggling to eat with chopsticks, which causes food to spill on Anirudh’s favorite t-shirt unintentionally. Anirudh tells her she can eat with her hands if she has problems using chopsticks. Jhanak apologizes to Anirudh, saying she has no idea how this occurred. Anirudh then claims that she did something out of the ordinary.

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Apu And Chottan Console Jhanak

Apu Jhanak

Anirudh’s relatives make fun of Jhanak and Chottan, saying that he should take her to this restaurant, and he feels ashamed that everyone is making fun of them. As a result, Chottan and Apu console Jhanak as the rest of the family exits the restaurant.

When Chottan assures the waiter they will cover the bill and any damages, they walk away and urge Jhanak not to worry about this anxiety.

When Anirudh’s servant arrives at the mansion, he informs him that the stain will not disappear and asks him what to do about the shirt.


The Shopping Spree


When Anirudh’s sisters approach him and tell him they want to go shopping for the pooja, Anirudh tells his servant to set it aside. After observing that they go shopping every time, he offers to go shopping with them.

When Anirudh’s sister tells Apu they are going shopping, Apu stops by to ask Anirudh what they are doing. Apu begs Anirudh to shop for Jhanak as well, while she urges Apu to come because her supper is ready.

There, Srishti converses over the phone with Bharat, who queries her about Jhanak’s whereabouts in the Basu House. Bharat vows to tell Tejas about this and tells Shristi that he will burn down his house if Tejas finds out that Jhanak is there. He gets Srishti to agree when he asks her to bring Jhanak to his house and make sure she avoids Anirudh and Arshi’s marriage as much as possible.


Anirudh’s Motive

Aniruddha Jhanak

Anirudh replies that he has purchased his honeymoon tickets, saying they are for Switzerland, when his mother later inquires about them. While Anirudh’s sisters go, Anirudh asks that no one inform Arshi.

When his mother inquires about Jhanak’s stay, Anirudh replies that it will only be a few days. When she questions Anirudh about his plans for Jhanak, he replies that he wants to see her become independent.

He continues, saying that to make Jhanak independent and to stop Anirudh’s mother from criticizing him, they must pay for her education. Anirudh then saves his favorite t-shirt in the closet as a sentimental keepsake of Jhanak and him.

What do you think will happen next in the episode? Please share your opinions in the comment section provided below. We look forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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