Dybbuk Review: Emraan Hashmi And Nikita Dutta Horror Will Not Scare You Much

Dybbuk Movie Review

Emraan Hashmi is one of the most popular actors in the Bollywood industry. In his last release, Chehre, he got appreciation from the audience. Now, he is back with another movie, Dybbuk. Dybbuk is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It is a remake of the 2017 Malayalam movie Ezra. Dybbuk starring Emraan Hashmi, Nikita Dutta, Manav Kaul, Gaurav Sharma in pivotal roles. It is directed by Jay Krishnan, who has directed the original version.


Dybbuk Story

Emraan Hashmi Dybbuk
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Sam Issac (Emraan Hashmi) and Mahi (Nikita Dutta) are husband and wife. The couple had a miscarriage. Sam gets a new project in Mauritius. The couple decides to start a new beginning in Mauritius. Mahi plans to decorate the house. She goes to buy some antique items for the house and ends up bringing the Jewish box. Soon, they started to experience paranormal activities at home. They came to know from the father that the box they brought was a dybbuk containing an evil spirit.

Nikita Dutta In Dybbuk
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The father says that in Jewish mythology, Dybbuk is a malicious possessing spirit that is believed to be dislocated soul of a dead person. Mahi tells Sam on a call that she is pregnant. Sam meets Rabbi Benyamin, and he tells him that a dybbuk possesses his upcoming child. Marcus, played by Manav Kaul, Rabbi Benyamin’s son, finds that the spirit is of Abraham Ezra. What does it want? How will Emraan Hashmi protect his wife and his child from dybbuk? Watch the movie to find out.


Dybbuk Review

Emraan Hashmi Dybbuk
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Emraan Hashmi has worked in the horror genre before in Raaz: The Mystery Continues, Raaz 3, Raaz Reboot, and Ek Thi Daayan. He knows how to bring emotions to this kind of movie. He lives the character of Sam Issac. Nikita Dutta was good in the role of Mahi. But the chemistry between Emraan Hashmi and Nikita Dutta is below par. Manav Kaul as Marcus is superb. Gaurav Sharma as Inspector Riaz had a small role, but he has created an impact. The movie is slow-paced, similar to other horror movies. The second half is interesting.

Nikita Dutta Dybbuk
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Director Jay Krishnan tried his best to adapt the story and direction similar to the original. However, Dybbuk is not much scary, and the horror lacks good spooks. The movie has no songs. If you are looking for some good horror, Dybbuk will not scare you much and disappoint you. If you have not watched Ezra, you can watch it once for some good performances of star casts and not for horror. We give 2.5 stars out of 5.

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