Check Out The Lesser Known Facts About Emraan Hashmi

He Started His Career As A Director

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9. Nicknamed As Emmi

Emraan Hashmi

Our loved ones call us by our nicknames. In the case of Emraan Hashmi, his loved ones call him Emmi.


10. He Is Obsessed With His Work

Emraan Hashmi

When it is about the work, he is quite professional. He does not cancel shooting as he is dedicated to his work.


11. Real Life Is Different Than Reel Life

Emraan Hashmi

In the movies, Emraan Hashmi usually plays the role of a lover boy and is famous for doing intimate scenes. But in reality, he is a family man. He married his long-term girlfriend Parveen Shahani back in 2006 and they have a child.

These facts tell us why he is one of the most adulated Bollywood stars. Happy birthday Emraan we wish you keep on alluring us with your amazing performances. Also, check the list of some underrated Bollywood actors who deserve better.

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