What Kangana Ranaut Did On Her Birthday Will Surely Inspire You To Do The Same

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The ‘Queen’ Actress Kangana who is known for some of the most landmark movies of all the time is celebrating her 31st birthday. This Northern beauty bought herself a Mansion in her hometown Manali and is too busy making it a come. She went green on her 31st birthday and planted 31 trees.

Kangana Ranaut

When asked about her plans for her birthday she says ‘When we were small kids, my mother had a Kitchen Garden. We liked to grow Vegetables, herbs, and Apples in it. I’ve always had fresh Veggies for myself so I decided that I’ll take forward my love for Organic Food.”

This leading actress gifted herself a garden by planting 31 trees on the occasion of her 31st Birthday. “I’ve recently come across my love for Gardening. It gives me peace. I love to get my hands and feet dirty in soil while Gardening. As the garden grows up I feel like a proud mother.”


Planted 31 Trees On Her Birthday

Kangana Ranaut

When we asked her about her other plans for her birthday she says ” I plan on taking my Piano classes. I’ve always had a thing for Classical Music and Learning a piano was something that I always wanted to do.  Its hard but I’m going to be able to play it one day. My piano teacher is great and for now, I only listen her play it. Other than that, my parents are planning a family dinner, although I don’t eat much.

She is already in news for her Manikarnika and she says ” It is one of the highest budget Female-Centric film in India. We are planning a Massive promotion for the same. Rani Laxmi Bai was a great fighter and she should be remembered for her great work, I’m just a medium to present it to the Audience. It’s a legacy for me and I look forward to a huge success of this movie.”

Kangana Ranaut

In an Interview with a Leading News Channel, she says ” Being an Actor is very challenging. You live and depict the lives of other people. You hardly get any time for yourself. I love my personal space, I want to grow more as a person. As you get into your 30s things start becoming clear as who you actually want to be and I’m really working my bits towards it.

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If we all really did something like Kangana, the world could be much greener. For now, we’re eagerly waiting for her next movie ‘Manikarnika’ The Queen of Jhansi. And we wish all the good luck for her. She has also given controversial statements in the past, check them here. Check out how other actors celebrate their birthdays here.

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