Expendables 4 Movie Review: Sylvester Stallone Carries The Film On His Shoulders

Expendables 4 Review

Expendables 4, the 2023 action film, stands as the fourth chapter in The Expendables cinematic saga. Its star-studded ensemble includes luminaries such as Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture. Meanwhile, at the helm of this cinematic spectacle is director Scott Waugh. It has a script by Kurt Wimmer, Tad Daggerhart, and Max Adams. Their narrative magic also weaves together a thrilling tale.


Expendables 4 Movie Story

Expendables 4 Jason

In the distinct narrative of Expendables 4, we accompany Ross and his formidable squad. It comes as they embark on a pulse-pounding expedition to confront an arms dealer at the helm of a private military force. Meanwhile, their primary mission revolves around defeating a terrorist faction in control of nuclear armaments.

Expendables 4 Sylvester

Furthermore, the team takes flight to intervene in what’s ominously dubbed as the incipient World War III. It also faithfully adheres to the signature style that has characterized the Expendables film series. Meanwhile, the official movie synopsis hints that the fresh recruits joining the crew will breathe new life into the concept of new blood.


Expendables 4 Movie Review

Expendables 4 Cast

In Expendables 4, the hallmark elements include action sequences that defy the laws of physics, excessive explosions, and brute force. Additionally, the movie leans heavily on outlandish plot twists and repeated storylines from its franchise. This repetition flaw compounds the ongoing issue of losing the charismatic ensemble that once made it so captivating.

The film boasts an exceptionally remarkable cast. However, it’s disheartening to discover that, despite this talent pool, the movie struggles to effectively utilize its actors. Meanwhile, Tony Jaa stands out as a more vibrant, comical, and engaging presence on screen. The plot twists are also transparent and easily predictable.

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham ultimately carry the weight of Expendables 4. The fact that each elite mercenary contributes in some fashion to the team’s overarching mission stands as one of the few highlights in Expendables 4. On a positive note, occasional humorous moments are present throughout, and Stallone and Statham maintain their strong chemistry on screen.


Final Verdict

Expendables 4 Plot

Hollywood’s persistent underutilization of actors’ martial arts abilities is perplexing. In addition, The Expendables 4 keeps getting worse. The campy, action-packed thrills that the series was previously known for are not there in Expend4bles. However, if you like the franchise, you should watch it. We give the film 2 stars out of 5.

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