Fast X Movie Review: Jason Momoa Is A True Star In This Movie

Fast X Movie Review

The American action movie Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier, was released in theatres recently. Additionally, Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin contribute to the film’s screenplay. A narrative by Mazeau, Lin, and Zach Dean, it is based. It is also the tenth main installment and the sequel to F9. Furthermore, Vin Diesel plays Dominic Toretto alongside a large cast of supporting actors.


Fast X Movie Story

Fast X Movie Vin Diesel

The narrative of Dante and his scheme to exact revenge on Dom Toretto begins with Fast X. Even though Dom and his family have always had to overcome impossible challenges, this time will be different. They also have to deal with the deadliest foe they’ve ever known. Dom’s love for everything and everyone will put them in jeopardy. Dante, meanwhile, takes all necessary action to kill Dom. With everything on the line, the Fast family will be haunted by their previous actions. Will they outpace the opposition?


Fast X Review

Fast X Movie

We still find ourselves getting excited about the Fast & Furious series even after several films and various characters. Additionally, it has a huge global fan base. It is primarily because of the wild action sequence and expansive cinematography. Also, Fast X keeps this recipe on the menu. You also receive a bowl of disappointment, though. The focus of Fast X remains the family, but this time, everyone in the family is in danger.

It also follows a third of the more significant plot line intended for the three-part Fast & Furious conclusion. Additionally, Fast X features action scenes that defy gravity and logic. Although there are some dubious scenes, the camera work and setting draw you in. When it comes to the performances, the film’s principal cast doesn’t change. In addition, Charlize Theron holds the frame despite just being present for a short while.

Also enjoyable to see were Michelle Rodriguez and Nathalie Emmanuel. However, Jason Momoa steals the show as the movie’s star. Every moment Momoa is in the spotlight, his character’s twist lights up the screen. A special note must also be made to the movie’s music. Some of the best songs exist by the movie’s music director Brian Tyler and director Louis Leterrier to go with the scenes.


Final Verdict

Fast X Movie Review

For regulars of F&F, there is plenty of fan service in the film. The plot is far too predictable, though. The climax ends abruptly as a setup for the sequel, which will be out in 2025. Also, keep an eye out for the post-credits sequence because something fun is in store.

It might become boring to see the same kind of plot again after nine installments. However, if you enjoy watching car shows, Fast X is a treat. Nevertheless, you must see this film if only for Jason Momoa; else, it can be a huge disappointment. Despite its shortcomings, it provides the same recognizable characteristics that also draw a fantastic fan base. We give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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