Fukrey 3 Movie Review: The Gang Is Back With Loads Of Fun, Laughter, And Entertainment

Fukrey 3 Review

An undeniable comedic gem that needs no formal introduction is the Fukrey 3 movie. Steering this laughter-packed ship is none other than the illustrious producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. Meanwhile, the director’s chair is comfortably occupied by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba. This rib-tickling movie hails from Excel Entertainment, marking the third installment in the uproarious Fukrey saga. Moreover, stepping back into their comical shoes, we have Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, and Manjot Singh. They star alongside the brilliant Richa Chadha and the ever-entertaining Pankaj Tripathi.


Fukrey 3 Movie Story

Fukrey 3 Trailer

A full calendar year has ticked by since the escapades of the second Fukrey film, setting the stage for the third chapter’s storyline. In this unfolding tale, Bholi Punjaban, having recently come into politics, now finds herself riding a promising wave towards victory in the Delhi elections. However, the catch is that if she clinches the win, the city might unwittingly metamorphose into a sanctuary for the criminal underworld.

In a delightful twist of fate, our quartet of friends comes up with a plan that pits Choocha and Bholi against each other in this high-stakes election showdown. What also adds a twist to this already eccentric narrative is Choocha’s newfound ability. Almost miraculously, his urine transforms into explosive gunpowder. Therefore, with this explosive development, you can bet that what unfolds next will be a loud and side-splitting spectacle.


Fukrey 3 Movie Review

Fukrey 3 Varun Sharma

Fukrey 3 remains faithful to its original concept, returning with an abundance of fun, entertaining moments. It is also interwoven with a potent underlying message. Vipul Vig’s narrative and screenplay venture into the world of the absurd, delivering a funny experience. Prepare to be astounded by the film’s outrageous and electrifying sequences that are bound to leave a mark on the audience’s heart.

Varun Sharma’s portrayal of Choocha is nothing short of spectacular, with his razor-sharp one-liners. Additionally, their impeccable acting skills leave a lasting impression. The stellar Pankaj Tripathi is alongside him, who seamlessly blends into this exquisite cinematic tapestry. Pulkit Sharma also shines brilliantly, capturing our hearts in the process. Manjot and Richa Chadha also contribute admirably to the ensemble cast. Amit Dhawan delivers a commendable performance as the antagonist.

Fukrey 3 Richa Chadha

Special accolades to Mrighdeep Singh Lamba for his exceptional direction. He successfully executes a script of this nature that demands unwavering conviction. His vision also injects a refreshing perspective into the film, warranting abundant praise. Furthermore, each song is seamlessly woven into the narrative, with Abhishek Nailwal’s background music enhancing the overall impact. The cinematography also marks the innovative and exceptional camerawork. This also elevates the film to new heights of visual storytelling.


Final Verdict

Fukrey 3 Pankaj Tripathi

Fukrey 3 is a delightful cinematic experience from start to finish. Not only does it boast substantial brand recognition, but its writing exudes a delightful eccentricity. It also keeps audiences thoroughly entertained. What sets this installment apart is how the already beloved characters take their humor to new heights, truly shining in their comedic prowess. We give this film a commendable rating of 4 stars out of 5.

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