Imlie Today’s Episode 29th June 2023 And Latest Written Update: Spoilers Alert

Imlie 29th June 2023

Imlie tells the story of a tiny village girl named Imlie. Aditya, a journalist, was coerced into marriage. He is engaged to be married but must take her home to protect her. She realizes that her partner is married when she comes into town. Their emotions and lifestyles soon become intertwined in unforeseen ways. Continue reading to find out what occurs in today’s episode.

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Imlie Falls On Atharva

Imlie Latest Written Update

The 29th June 2023 episode of Imlie begins with Imlie accidentally falling on Atharva at the Mehendi ritual. She rests her palm over the mehendi fingerprints of Atharva on the paper. As they get closer, both of them stare into each other’s eyes.


Devika Criticizes Imlie

Imlie Today's Ep

Cheeni, on the other hand, hates and despises Imlie, while this episode has taken aback everyone else in the Rana family. When Devika starts criticizing Imlie for making things happen on purpose, Imlie takes the correct stance. Anu, on the other hand, agrees with Devika in criticizing Imlie for always meddling with Cheeni and Atharva’s relationship. Anu further mentions that Imlie made a blunder by laying her hand on Atharva’s mehendi stamp, which is regarded as unlucky before a marriage ceremony. Cheeni gets increasingly upset due to this revelation, while Atharva glances at Imlie, perplexed. When Rudra attempts but fails to shut Devika’s mouth, she attacks Imlie.


What Happens Next?

Imlie Latest Episode

The following episode begins with Imlie looking at Devika sadly, while Dhairya hates seeing Imlie convicted for wrongful deeds. Cheeni, on the other hand, annoys Anu about Imlie and the way she constantly attempts to get near Atharva. Anu states that they will shortly execute their plan to make Dhairya the bad guy in Atharva’s eyes.

Later in the story, a new conflict between Atharva and Dhairya breaks out, with Atharva attempting to kick Dhairya out of the house. Atharva takes Dhairya’s collar and proceeds to throw him out, claiming that he no longer has the right to live in the house. When Imlie observes this, she intervenes and stops Atharva from pursuing his unlawful actions by gripping Dhairya. Cheeni queries her regarding why she is trying to defend Dhairya, and Atharva seems surprised. Imlie tells Atharva and Cheeni that Dhairya will be the man she marries, and Cheeni will be Atharva’s partner. Cheeni grins evilly, and Atharva looks surprised at Imlie.


The Drama

The program is an Indian television drama that premiered on StarPlus on November 16, 2020. It is accessible via Disney+ Hotstar. With its unique plot, the play captivates the audience and leaves them wanting more. It promises to pique your interest. Keep an eye out for additional surprises.

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