India’s Best Dancer 3 Today’s Episode 28th May 2023 Elimination And Voting Result

India's Best Dancer 3 Episode 16: An Electrifying Dance Extravaganza! Read to know more

India's Best Dancer 3 28th May 2023

Get ready to witness another dazzling episode of India’s Best Dancer 3 as the contestants showcase their exceptional talent on the grand stage. With the theme “Best Ka International Test,” the stage is set for a mind-blowing display of dance styles fused with popular 90s Bollywood songs. Let’s dive into the highlights of the latest episode, filled with jaw-dropping performances, surprising eliminations, and heartwarming moments.


Impressive Performances At IBD Season 3

India's Best Dancer episode

The episode starts with the charismatic host Jay Bhanushali welcoming the enthusiastic audience, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. As the night unfolds, the contestants captivate everyone with their spellbinding performances. Anjali, paired with her choreographer Aryan, takes the stage by storm with their dazzling disco dance routine, featuring evergreen 90s songs. Their high-energy act leaves the judges and audience in awe.


Akshay Pal’s Electric Boogaloo

India's Best Dancer contestants

The spotlight shines on Indore’s very own Akshay Pal and his talented choreographer Vartika Jha, as they embrace the challenge of electric boogaloo, animation, and hip-hop on the famous track ‘Makhna.’ Geeta Kapur can’t help but praise their exceptional choreography, proclaiming it as one of the best acts she has witnessed. Mesmerized by Akshay’s performance, Sonali Bendre commends him for bringing his childhood mischievousness to the stage. She appreciates his growth and emphasizes how his enjoyment during the act made it truly spectacular.

Adding to the excitement, three of Akshay’s childhood friends make a surprise appearance to support him. With joyous laughter and reminiscing about their shared memories, they lovingly refer to Akshay as “Akki Baba.” This heartwarming moment brings a smile to Akshay’s face and fuels his determination to excel in the competition. Sonali Bendre’s praise only amplifies his happiness, validating his hard work and dedication.


India’s Best Dancer 3 Elimination

India's Best Dancer

As the contestants perform international dance styles like flamenco and vogue, infused with the charm of 90s Bollywood classics, they aim to impress the esteemed panel of judges. With the competition intensifying, every step becomes crucial in their journey towards becoming India’s Best Dancer 3. The judges, Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur, and Terence Lewis, are left speechless by the extraordinary talent showcased on stage.

Don’t miss the electrifying episode of India’s Best Dancer 3. Where the contestants give their all in the ‘Best Ka International Test.’ Witness mind-blowing performances, along with heartfelt reunions and the judges’ priceless reactions. Tune in to Sony Entertainment Television this weekend at 8 pm and join the excitement as India’s Best Dancer 3 raises the bar of dance excellence!

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