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Jhanak 1st January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

In the opening scene of today’s Jhanak 1st January 2024 episode, Jhanak airs her complaints. Anirudh listens on while Arshi storms up to the car. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Anirudh follows her and begs Arshi to give him a chance. While Jhanak is still whispering about Urvashi and the Sindur incident, Anjana visits her and discovers that she has a high fever. Anjana then goes to her husband.

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Anirudh’s Daydream

Aniruddha Jhanak

While driving on the streets, Anirudh decides to confide in Arshi, which sparks a discussion regarding Jhanak. But Arshi isn’t happy with Anirudh’s actions, so she wonders if he and Jhanak have a secret relationship. Anirudh thinks about telling her all that happened in Kashmir, admitting that he was under duress.

When Anirudh’s daydream ends, Arshi becomes furious because he contemplates telling her everything about his experiences in Kashmir, including the fact that the villagers forced him to marry Jhanak. He is deep in contemplation, pondering the ramifications of admitting, and he handles the current circumstances and the truth with great care.

Anirudh chastises Arshi for slapping Jhanak in front of everyone during the dispute, and their tension persists while they talk about Jhanak. Arshi wants to leave Anirudh’s company because she can’t handle their intimacy, but even when he tries to comfort her, things just get worse.

After that, Anirudh stops and attempts to talk calmly with Arshi. Eventually, they give each other an embrace.


Jhanak Shivers From Fever

Apu Jhanak

Anjana rushes to the mansion and asks her husband to bring in some medicine for Jhanak, who is shivering from a fever.  When Anjana’s husband informs her there is no medication for the fever, they both get concerned and Jhanak grumbles.

The other family members inquired about Jhanak’s health the following day. As a result, Anjana and her husband are forced to clarify that she is not healthy enough.

When Apu inquires about Jhanak and learns of her fever, Anirudh decides to go ahead and drop her off at Arshi’s house. When Anirudh calls the doctor, Anjana and her husband tell him about Jhanak’s high temperature.

Tanuja is adamant that they do nothing, as they no longer want her to live with them, and that she should remain at Shristi’s residence. Concerned, Anirudh rushes to Jhanak’s room to check her temperature, contrasting with the family’s decision. Anirudh then visits Jhanak in her chamber, where she begs him to return her to Kashmir with tears in her eyes.

When the family tries to use several excuses to keep Jhanak from going to Anirudh, Arshi enters the Basu property to take her home. But Apu yells that Anirudh is with Jhanak because she has a high temperature, causing Arshi to glance at the family.

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