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Jhanak 9th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Written Updates

The Jhanak episode from today, January 9, 2024, opens with Apu pleading with Jhanak’s husband to expose his face and telling her to ask him to do so. Ani tells Apu before Jhanak has a chance to speak that he will disclose his face during the sindur ritual because they are running late, and he doesn’t want to wait any longer.

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Apu Berates Jhanak’s Husband

Apu Jhanak

As Arshi gives her an update on the current circumstances, Srishti examines the person in the dark in the video conversation, feeling something is off.
When Ani says he fears threats and doesn’t want to risk risking his and Jhanak’s lives, Appu starts berating Jhanak’s spouse for leaving her and not keeping her with him. Appu also begs him to take Jhanak away immediately, understanding that it’s difficult but thinking she’ll be happy with her spouse. Ani clarifies that he is unwilling to do so as his life is still in jeopardy.


Jhanak: Future Narrative

Jhanak Written Update

The future Jhanak episode opens with Bipasha asking Anirush how long they can put up with Jhanak being a burden in their home. Ani replies that it will only be a matter of days. Arshi then steps in and chastises Ani for leaving his wife behind, telling him to come to Kolkata alone if he can’t bring Jhanak.
In response, Ani says he’s powerless because he can’t stay with Jhanak or bring him with him. While everyone intently examines the film to recognize his face, Jhanak feels sorry for herself. In the meantime, Pandit Ji asks everyone to focus on the ritual because they are behind schedule and must finish it in the lucky amount of time.
Pandit Ji recites the mantras and asks Ani to keep up with him. Jhanak says she is sorry to God for her two lies regarding her marriage. When the event concludes later, Ani apologizes and escapes while the family members appear to be persuaded.

Tejas calls Jhanak and begs her to marry him by returning to Kashmir. Jhanak, on the other hand, asserts unequivocally that she will never wed him and is prepared to face anything. Ani tries to comfort her and offers to help, but Jhanak decides to flee the house and manages to get out, making a successful escape.

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