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Jhanak 8th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

The two girls tease Jhanak about her excitement for the ceremony as she appears apprehensive in today’s 8th January 2024 episode. In an attempt to give Anirudh a chance to leave her room swiftly, she tries to divert the girls’ attention, but they keep moving around her room, making it harder for him to slip out of sight.

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Tejas Finds A Lead

Jhanak Tejas

As Jhanak hears remarks on her nuptials, Anirudh stealthily peers from behind the curtain to assess the situation. They then make eye contact. But one of them steps in and tells the other to stop asking so many personal questions. Then, Jhanak asks for their assistance getting ready and threatens to get in trouble if she is late. They granted her request and left her room.

When Anirudh cautiously emerges from the room, this permits him to do so. Tejas gets a call and finds a lead in Kashmir about Jhanak’s whereabouts in Kolkata, and he instantly notifies his guys of this new development.


Jhanak: Future Narrative


The future Jhanak episode begins with Tejas taking the phone and discovering where Jhanak is. When he asks if the news is trustworthy, the person answering the phone confirms that she is in Kolkata, and Tejas ends the connection.
He tells his thugs that Jhanak is staying at Bengali Babu’s house in Kolkata and gives them instructions to arrange for a flight for him for the next morning. The thugs grudgingly consent despite their misgivings. Tejas clenches his teeth in his resolve to find Jhanak in Kolkata.
He makes a promise to himself that he will either kill her in Bengali Babu’s house and bury her there or he will bring her back to Kashmir with him.

They’re running late, so the girls help Jhanak get ready for the ceremony in the interim. Below, Tanuja chastises her for her persistent tardiness in front of Bipasha. Everyone is adamant that Jhanak make a video call to her spouse as the event gets underway.
Someone calls her on a video call, apologizes for sending her away, and tells her to prepare for the ceremony.
In the meantime, Bipasha becomes suspicious and reports it to Arshi after noticing a band identical to Ani’s on Jhanak’s husband’s hand.

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