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Jhanak Today’s Episode 15th May 2024 Written Updates: Anirudh’s Resentment Sparks Chaos

Jhanak Today's Episode Written Update

The most recent episode of Jhanak that aired on 15 May, 2024, started with a heated debate and arguments among Srishti and the Bose family. Ignited over Anirudh’s alleged improper way of behaving, Srishti demanded to cancel her daughter’s wedding. As the episode moved ahead we see that Arshi joined the conflict. Thus additionally calling off her marriage. Jhanak, trapped in the middle, pleased the elders of the family, insisting she was innocent. Therefore the tension heightened when Arshi uncovered she saw Anirudh giving chocolate to Jhanak.


Anirudh’s Kind Gestures Got Misinterpreted

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

Anirudh and Jhanak attempted to determine the issue through discussion. In any case, Arshi’s shows drama fueled the situation. Anirudh’s grandma intervened, explaining that he had just taken Jhanak to the hospital for treatment after she got injured. Ajanta protected Anirudh, underlining his actions originated from kindness. Notwithstanding this, everybody blamed Jhanak for attempting to seduce Anirudh.


Srishti’s Outrage And Legal Threats

Srishti Jhanak

Srishti discovered that Anirudh had gone into Jhanak’s room late at night to give her medicine. This revelation drove Srishti to a limit. She promised to file a police case against Anirudh. Tanuja attempted to calm her, however Srishti was beyond the temperament to understand.

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Anirudh Shields Himself

Jhanak Written Update

Anirudh firmly denied any bad behavior or cheating on Arshi. He made sense of his actions, however Bipasha scrutinized his priorities, calling Jhanak a disgusting woman. Jhanak, hurt by the allegations, proclaimed she as of now not require any help or sympathy from the family. She explained that Anirudh had consistently supported her out of concern for her injury.


Allegations And Resolution

Choton blamed Bipasha for getting carried away for no good reason. Anirudh’s parents attempted to diffuse the situation, guaranteeing it wouldn’t happen again. They blamed Jhanak for manipulating Anirudh. Completely determined to prove Anirudh’s innocence, guaranteed everybody that he only loved Arshi.

Jahnak also insisted the marriage should not be canceled just because of her. The episode depicts a sheer status where the stakes of marriage is highly dependent on the understanding of her actions. Anirudh, disappointed with the misunderstanding, proposed canceling the marriage a better option. He lashed out on Lal and Bipasha for fueiling Arshi’s doubts. The episode finished with unsettled tension, passing on watchers anxious to see what occurs ahead.

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